Inherent Pleasures

I can’t even believe how much my life has changed since May. I still have the same job(s), I’m still married to Adam (forever), and we still feel at home here in Columbus. The changes? I probably freelance 2-3 nights a week, I workout now, and I actually use weekends to take a break. I really loved this quote (above) that I found on Swissmiss this week:

“Staying focused on our goals detracts from the inherent pleasures of the activities we need to pursue to achieve those goals.” – Christian Jarret

I read it and I smiled. I couldn’t agree more.

Can you relate? What helps you achieve your goals? Do you ever feel like focusing too intensely can be detrimental? 

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  • I’m finding it hard to define a goal these days. I think it can be bad when it becomes an obsession. It’s a fine line and it’s hard to know when you have crossed it……………

  • I also read that article, and while I think it’s good to take pleasure in the pleasant, I think that goal-setting is very useful. (But that makes sense, given that I just posted a list of 101 goals I want to complete, right?) I think that setting goals of things that I really WANT to do is the key. I’m not just setting goals for the sake of setting goals. I’m making a list of measurable items that I believe will improve my life or other’s lives. So in that sense I feel like I’m prioritizing some things that otherwise would get lost in the work/Girls on the Run/blog cycle.

    • Goals are definitely important. I find that I work best with 3-4 BIG goals. Paying off all our debt was one and it was nice to check myself when confronted with life’s options. Sure I could have set a goal of traveling to Seattle but it wouldn’t have been aligned with that bigger goal. Now that I worked hard (to the point that I went a little crazy), we’re able to take trips and buy a house. In that way, I understand keeping your head down and achieving goals. So ultimately I see pros and cons to both approaches. I try to keep the lighter goals flexible and allow my life to take over organically when needed.

      Btw I loved reading your 101 goals. So awesome and even inspired some things that I want to try to do!

      • Yeah, that I can understand. I think it depends on priorities; I don’t mind having student loan debt at this point in time (though I’d like to start paying it down more aggressively), but choosing to carry debt or not is definitely a goal that shapes other goals. Interesting how that shapes it all!

        I also think the quote refers to finding pleasure in the process, which I totally agree with. :)

  • This makes me really happy. :)

    Have you read this NYT article about the “busy trap”? It kinda reflects the same idea as the quote you shared – I read it earlier this week and it really stuck with me. I totally do this to myself!

    • Oh my I need to read that! I saw it circulating on Twitter. I think there’s a difference between working hard/being productive and then essentially being addicted to being “busy.” Busy doesn’t mean productive! Letting myself enjoy life has actually made my works’ quality increase (and quantity decrease).

  • That quote is so fabulously true – it’s something I have to remind myself of each day, especially about blogging – when putting in all of the effort to make your blog a success gets tiring, you have to remember that you love doing it simply for the sake of posting, and not for how many page views/comments/likes you get.

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend, Allie!

    • Yes! The enjoyment and fun should be the first priority. I hate it when I’m stressed or loathe the idea of blogging (usually I have to take a step back). I’ve really let go of the need to look at stats or numbers over the past few months, I’d rather have fun/lovely/loyal readers who engage (like you!) Enjoy your weekend, lady!!

  • I focused very intensely on work for about a year when I was getting ready to leave my job. But now I think I have a good balance of work and play. Taking time off definitely helps me come back a few hours later or the next day and produce my best work.

    • I can relate- there were definitely certain times when I worked intensely to hit certain goals and then I felt like I could relax a lot after. I think if you want something that much…the intensity is needed. It just can’t be maintained as a lifestyle.

  • I always end up feeling guilty as heck when I step away from the pursuit of my goals & just splurge on some awesome clothes… as I just did a few days ago. Been feeling like crap, but this quote makes me feel better. Thank you, Allie. Glad I logged on, as always.

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