LOVING: My $10 sandals from F21. I bought three pairs because, in reality, they’re kind of crappy and I want to wear them all summer. I think I love the nude color because it sort of feels like I’m barefoot. I always love the idea of wearing heels or wedges and feeling a bit taller than my 5 foot self but I’m a flats girl at heart and I love being comfortable.

READING: WE HAVE ALWAYS LIVED IN THE CASTLE, by Shirley Jackson. It’s eerie and I love Jackson’s writing style. My next read will be YOU REMIND ME OF ME, by Dan Chaon.

WATCHING: Tuesday night, Adam and I watched Predator and I can’t lie…I loved it. It all started when we watched one of the Rambo movies last weekend and I really liked that too. I don’t resonate with the concept of “guy movies” or anything like that so I’m just going to embrace my new found love of violent/jungle-esque movies.

ANTICIPATING: Next weekend we are going to Indianapolis and spending time with my best friend, her husband and their one-year-old! I can’t wait.

LISTENING TO: The Lumineers, Fiona Apple, Beach House, and Louis CK stand up.

PLANNING: We’re going to try to buy a house before next April and so financially we’ve been focused on that. I’m also planning on our top secret tropical vacation in October by working out pretty consistently.

WORKING ON: July is a really, really busy month at my day job and so I’m working on finishing up a lot of freelance projects this weekend. I’ll be resuming the usual load of work once August is here. Projects include blog re-designs, a book cover, a few logos, and some marketing material.

WISHING: I’m wishing that all of Columbus gets power (we had some massive storms last weekend) and I could also go for some cooler temperatures. High of 103 degrees tomorrow! Yikes.

What are you currently up to? Any fun plans for the weekend? 

I was planning on a guest post today but it fell through. Thanks, Liz, for inspiring today’s post! Photo taken by my friend Benji on his iPhone. We’re all extremely sweaty at the Doo Dah parade.

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Comments (12)

  • dude. they’re not guy movies! harumph!

    that’s all i watch, pretty much. lol.

  • You should know, then, that Predator is coming to the big screen at Gateway Film Center. You and Adam should join us!

    Fun idea for a post! I have Liz’s starred in Reeder still. I feel like I should do one of these monthly to try and keep track of everything.

    • Heck yes! Then maybe I would enjoy it more since the version on TV cuts so much out haha.

      And that’s a good idea about a monthly recap post! It’s a nice “easy” post that doesn’t require a lot of prep.

  • Indianapolis sounds like fun! I hope you enjoy yourself. :)

    Yikes, 103 degrees?! It’s slowly hitting the upper 90’s, and I wish it’d stop because I like the cold more than the hot. I mean, unless it’s in the lower 80’s, then I’m fine.

  • I absolutely love this post! So simple, but so good!

    So glad to have found your blog after yesterday’s blog brunch. I’m also so happy to find another hip lady blogging here in the Midwest!

    Look forward to reading more


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