If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed that I’ve been a bit more quiet and I’ve been cryptically tweeting about how lots of changes are taking place! I promise I’ll share more soon but for now…my tweets & blog posts will be a bit more light. This next full week at work is our busiest time of the year so I’m at work 10-11 hours a day and trying to be social, get sleep and work out with my spare few hours.

I thought I’d share some of my other photos from our weekend in Indianapolis last weekend. We met up with my best friend, her husband and their 15 month old. He’s my favorite kid of ALL TIME and I loved getting to spend so much time with them all.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I’m ready for a break. I’m going to the Beach House concert tonight, Toldeo tomorrow for a family reunion and hoping that Sunday involves a lot of laziness. What do you have planned?

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  • Nice shots! Love ’em.

  • You’re going to have so much fun at the Beach House show. It’s a completely mesmerizing experience!

  • I think you should give me more hints through email about all these cryptic tweets :P My weekend is going to be filled of coding (btw did you get my email I think I meant have sent it through my freelance address …), grabbing flats of strawberries, and possibly a trip to my favourite antique store for food props.

    • I will send you an update via email regarding my cryptic tweets :) and yes I did get it!! I’ll respond this weekend – probably Saturday morning. Your weekend sounds nice and low key. I hope my Sunday is filled with a nap and some cold brew coffee.

  • No plans this weekend, other than a LOT of blogging, recuperating from the Dark Knight Marathon (ugh so tired—poor Adam + other coworkers had to deal with my sleep-deprived crabbiness today before I went home early), and reading. Maybe some Jazz & Ribs Fest. And maybe seeing you guys, if you’re around!

    • Oh my gosh. How did you survive the next day without a nap? We’re in Toledo today but will be back tonight for Ribfest. I’ll text you!

  • Jessica

    These graphics are awesome! It looks like you had a great time last weekend :) I am meeting up with Timmy H. tomorrow morning in DC and then a personal training session and baby shower. We’ll see if I make it all day!

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