A Day At The Museum

Last weekend we spent the day at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It’s one of my favorite art museums. I frequented it often while in college and still enjoy visiting now. It’s larger than Columbus’ art museum and I feel it houses a variety of galleries and exhibits. The museum also includes 100 Acres: The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park. It’s one of the largest museum art parks in the country and it adds so much to your visit.

Do you have a favorite art museum? I loved visiting art museums in NYC and London but would love to add some more to my list. 

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  • Neue Galerie in NYC is a small gallery, relatively close to the Met, that features German and Austrian artwork. Though I wouldn’t have thought of going there had I not been invited to an exhibition—my friend was an intern—I LOVED it. Fascinating stuff. Since I’d studied German politics and history as part of several college classes, it was neat to see how art is so infused by cultural history. Definitely recommend it!

    And of course, MoMA. I’d love to get out to SF sometime to see their MoMA, but I try to go at least once a year to the one in New York. It’s gigantic, but worth spending a day there.

    This one’s harder to get to, but it rivals the Met (from what I’m told—I still have yet to visit the Met): Museo del Prado in Madrid. I went as a high school student, but I still remember the main hall and managed to sneak several non-flash photos.

    Glad you had such a great time in Indy! The museum looks gorgeous. Still trying to figure out if it’s worth making a day trip out there sometime. Have you ever been to Pittsburgh? (Same thing—trying to ascertain if it would be a good day trip or not.)

    • It would definitely be worth a day trip. It’s free and the 100 acre park could take a long time to stroll through. Plus I think Indy is fun (yet affordable). I have a city guide for Indy if you ever go! I’ve never been to Pittsburgh but I want to.

      Thanks for all the museum recs. now I want to go to Madrid!! Have you ever been to the Guggenheim in NYC? I like the layout a lot.

      • Any interest in trying to do a Pittsburgh day trip (I think doable) or a one-night stay in Pittsburgh some time?

        Also, I will add Guggenheim to my list!

  • Love a good art museum!

    London has some of the best, the Tate is pretty remarkable. Went there in 2003, & still remember it like it was yesterday.

  • I’ve been to every Museum and art gallery in nyc lol but my fav is still the Met and MOMA.

    AND because I am bias, the Royal Ontario Museum

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