3 New Things: July Edition

I totally failed last month’s 3 New Things. June really opened my eyes to 1) how fast a month flies by and 2) how much I can actually accomplish within those days. I only visited Cleveland (I was aiming at 3 new Ohio towns), I skipped making natural cleaner because I still have a lot of organic, natural cleaner that we bought earlier this year and I didn’t even attempt my DIY camera straps. Supplies=money and we had to shell out a large wad of cash this month due to car issues.

This month I’m attempting things that will be new, but not necessarily out of my time limitations or budget. The three new things I’ll be trying are:

  1. Make healthy versions of popsicles (inspired by this photo). I already have the molds and the ingredients!
  2. Make my own cheese platter (idea & tutorial found here)! We buy and try new cheeses often. It’d be nice to label each kind.
  3. Experiment with iPhone + video + Photoshop CS6! (Photo found here.)

July is going to be insanely busy but I feel great about these three new things. I know that I won’t break the bank and I know I’ll really love learning by trail & error. Expect three posts throughout the month documenting my progress and accomplishments!

Any new things you want to try in July? Can you believe it’s July already??

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Comments (6)

  • I like your three July things! And yeah, July will be crazy. I can’t believe how quickly summer seems to be going.

    • I agree, Jess. July already? I’m trying to take deep breaths so that I can still enjoy this month and it’s craziness. Must make time for the pool + relaxation whenever I can.

  • What a great idea, I’m somewhat new to your blog, so this is the first “3 new things” post I’ve read, & I think it’s such a great idea. Makes me think about what 3 things I’d like to tackle this month.

    I too, am in the process of tackling CS6. I don’t really know how to use the prior versions either, so I’m learning the basics of photoshop & illustrator with the latest version. It’s a great feeling to finally “get” something, but I have so much to learn still! A little daunting.

    • I’ve been using the Creative Suite since 2007 and I still feel like I have so much to learn. I’ve been watching a lot of tutorials during my lunch and I’m excited to tackle video editing in CS6!

  • Those popsicles look delicious! I have been on the search for popsicle molds for about two months now. I’m beginning to think they don’t have them in the Netherlands and need to have them shipped over from the States. Enjoy them!

    • Oh bummer! Well I got a pretty basic pack on Amazon for about $12. I’m making them tonight to eat tomorrow for the holiday!!

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