My friend Catherine visited last weekend and it’s always fun to take out-of-town guests on a little tour of Columbus. We… Spent some time at Goodale Park, read magazines and played with everyone else’s dogs. 82 degree on Saturday was a dream. Ate at Jeni’s. Obviously. Tried One Line &#82

I’m really excited to be hosting this giveaway! Nourish approached me a few months ago about trying out their organic skincare products and then sharing it with my readers. It’s finally time! I was able to try their aluminum free deodorant (almond vanilla…yum!) and am so happy with the quali

[Essie’s Raise Awareness, family reunion shot with my sister and aunt, Beach House concert, after work drinks] I’m enjoying this summer a lot. I’m also enjoying: Taco trucks Upgrading the RAM on my Macbook Pro Cold brew coffee Milo Greene’s new album Benefit they’re Real! Mascara C

I’ve been trying to visualize the future these past few weeks. Where do I see myself? Where do I see my business going? What are my plans? I have a lot of things that I want to try and experience now that I have a bit more freedom with my schedule and how I make money. […]

Over the weekend, I told a lot of friends and family that I had quit my full-time job and was venturing into the self-employed world! I’m so extremely blessed to have the support and love from everyone that I told but I definitely get the typical question, “So what exactly do you do?” I don&#8

If you didn’t see my news from yesterday, I’ll be venturing out on my own and freelancing full-time starting in August! I’m thankful to have a contract position with a phenomenal studio here in Columbus (until May) but Adam and I budgeted together and we realized we need to cut back on excessi

For real. I quit my job last week and in about two weeks I’ll be 100% self employed. (!!!!!!!!!!!)  It still feels surreal. Putting in my two weeks was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I love the people that I work with and after almost 2.5 years I began to depend […]

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed that I’ve been a bit more quiet and I’ve been cryptically tweeting about how lots of changes are taking place! I promise I’ll share more soon but for now…my tweets & blog posts will be a bit more light. This next full week at work

Last weekend we spent the day at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It’s one of my favorite art museums. I frequented it often while in college and still enjoy visiting now. It’s larger than Columbus’ art museum and I feel it houses a variety of galleries and exhibits. The museum also includes 1

Today’s CITY GUIDE is brought to you by Jess of Curating Style of Columbus, Ohio. Enjoy this guide to Lower Manhattan! When people tell me they’re heading on vacation to New York City, I encourage them to avoid the touristy madness of Midtown behind. Where do I suggest instead? Lower Manhattan. Gree

You can look forward to a few guest posts this week while my work week gets hectic. I’m excited to introduce you to Tori! Today she’s sharing about her family’s experience moving out of their first home. Tori is a wife, mother and graphic designer based out of Idaho. She loves collecting woo

Relish is a monthly series by contributor Jon Schelander-Pugh. Check out his bio below to learn more about who Jon is! Last month I shared the Chocolate Guinness Cake recipe, and I had intended to venture to another genre of food, but a couple things happened to change my mind: I picked up a wonderful mini-bun

I can’t even believe how much my life has changed since May. I still have the same job(s), I’m still married to Adam (forever), and we still feel at home here in Columbus. The changes? I probably freelance 2-3 nights a week, I workout now, and I actually use weekends to take a break. I […]

Once a month, Heather from Tea With Me will be guest posting here on Show + Tell by focusing on a specific herb and showcasing their properties and medicinal uses. Not only do I love Heather’s photography and insight but her writing style draws me in every time! Enjoy and be sure to welcome Heather [&hell

Today’s CITY GUIDE is brought to you by sisters Ciera and Jasmine born and raised in New Orleans. PLUM STREET SNOBALL As soon as Summer hits, so do the cravings! This is one of our favorite stops on a sweltering New Orleans day. Snow cones got nothin’ on a Snoball y’all! Unlike sno con

I’m excited to be sharing a simple 2-week gluten-free meal plan today! Click here to get your copy! After sharing that I went gluten-free and then following up with my post about healthy living, I had a lot of readers ask me for favorite recipes and tips. I don’t claim to know everything but I&#8217

I attempted and succeeded at July’s New Thing #1: make healthy(ish) popsicles! I bought the molds on Amazon ($12) and searched for recipes without added sugar. A lot of popsicle recipes have you add 2 tablespoons – 2 cups of refined sugar. BLECH! I finally found this recipe on Pinterest (I didn&#82

LOVING: My $10 sandals from F21. I bought three pairs because, in reality, they’re kind of crappy and I want to wear them all summer. I think I love the nude color because it sort of feels like I’m barefoot. I always love the idea of wearing heels or wedges and feeling a bit taller than […]

I think this July 4th was one of the first ones that broke up my work week so obviously. Most of my life I was in school (and off during the summers) and perhaps the past few Independence Days were on weekdays closer to Saturday or Sunday. It really felt like a weekend in the […]

Another round up of my favorite goods lately: Symbol // Looks like such a great book! Want. Striped tank from Target // I bought it in 4 colors. Deborah Lippmann in Lara’s Theme // The perfect orange. Mineralogie cream concealer // Dark circles be gone. Water bottle with storage // Perfect for the gym! An

I totally failed last month’s 3 New Things. June really opened my eyes to 1) how fast a month flies by and 2) how much I can actually accomplish within those days. I only visited Cleveland (I was aiming at 3 new Ohio towns), I skipped making natural cleaner because I still have a lot […]