Hello Adulthood: Healthy Living

My parents did a great job raising their kids in a healthy house. We were never concerned with weight, physical appearance, or trendy clothes. We ate hearty, home-cooked meals and I can honestly say that I was never self-conscious about my appearance as a teen. Here’s the thing, I’m really petite. I’m 5 feet tall and I broke the 100 pound mark in high school. I’m not “athletic” in the sense that I didn’t play sports as a kid/teen and because of this I sort of took it on as part of my identity. Since this was how I identified myself…other people did too and I ended up becoming the butt of many jokes throughout my life. While I was usually nodding in agreement, I think a lot of those jokes really affected me. To make someone feel like they can’t be physically active without looking like an idiot really prevents that person from ever attempting on their own.

For most of my life, however, it didn’t matter. I didn’t really need to workout because I always stayed relatively thin. But all of that changed once I got my first (miserable) full-time job. Leaving work for lunch was sort of my “escape” and because of that I developed really awful habits after I got married (and ultimately gained weight). The MOST frustrating part of the situation was when people made me feel guilty when I tried to get healthy. I would get, “Why do you need to work out? You’re little,” or “OMG stop. You look fine. What do you weigh 70 pounds?” Listen up all: being petitie is not equivalent to being healthy.

So finally this year I decided to make lifestyle changes. They included the following:

  • Remove gluten from my diet : I’ve been gluten free since February 2012 and I haven’t regretted it once. Oh and you can read my post about going gluten-free and some of my favorite products.
  • Workout regularly : No brainer, huh? In order to force myself to make it a habit, I joined a small gym down the street. I can walk there within two minutes and there are rarely more than 5 other people working out at the same time. We’ve met with a trainer a few times now and I’m excited to target reducing body fat (versus just reducing weight). I’m still kind of nervous to try group classes but I’m working up the courage.
  • Choose whole foods and avoid processed “foods” : When I look at ingredients, I have to be able to pronounce or identify every single one. Red dye? Potassium Bromate? Even white sugar. Uhh, no thanks. Because of this I cook a lot more and have been able to experiment with a lot of new produce.
  • Stick to red wine : I’ve eliminated beer (mostly because of gluten) and liquor. Why? Because I feel like sh*t when I drink. I was sick of ordering drinks just because everyone else was and then getting an awful headache or feeling nauseous. I can have a glass of red wine and feel good. I’m listening to my body now and it feels great.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite “healthy” products:

  1. My snazzy Adidas shoes. I had no idea how much a difference shoes make when working out. I feel like I could fly!
  2. Dr. Mercola and all his products. I love reading his articles. SUPER eye opening.
  3. Cold oats in the AM. Fuels my day in a delicious way. (Rhyme!)
  4. Royal matcha green tea (powder). Besides water…it’s like the best thing you can drink.
  5. [Not pictured] Agave Nectar, a natural sweetener. I’m officially off using sugar in my coffee and I love it.

Long story short: I feel great, I don’t get horrible headaches anymore, I have more energy and I’ve lost a few pounds! Win-win-win-win.

Have you made any lifestyle changes as an adult to benefit your health? Any bad habits you want to break? I’d love to discuss!

June 21, 2012