I need to take a break from blogging until next week. I need to clear my head and I really have nothing to share right now. How’s that for honesty? Be back next week and we’ll chat in July!

Apartment Living DIY is a monthly series where I spruce up something in our apartment. Adam and I currently rent a small one bedroom apartment and always get an itch to customize. Unfortunately we can’t knock down walls or upgrade appliances so we thought we’d work on a fun temporary DIY each month

My parents did a great job raising their kids in a healthy house. We were never concerned with weight, physical appearance, or trendy clothes. We ate hearty, home-cooked meals and I can honestly say that I was never self-conscious about my appearance as a teen. Here’s the thing, I’m really petite. I

Today we’re discussing the sidebar! Exciting, huh? When I first started blogging I didn’t really give a lot of attention to my sidebar. You can see it here. Ugly ugly ugly! I’m going to list a few key components that I think you should consider when constructing your sidebar: It’s really

I met her when I was 10 years old. She was this tiny being that came into my life without much warning. I don’t even remember my parents telling me that they were pregnant. Absolutely no memory. I remember being annoyed. “Another girl? I like being the only girl in our family.” It’s easy

My plants are growing (I used my first basil harvest to make margherita pizza on Friday) and I got this awesome bike this weekend. Our friend Kevin buys old bikes and frames and makes sweet rides like this! A friend on Twitter suggested I either get a yellow seat or basket so it’s CMYK. I […]

I snagged one of these White Slim Angel Wide-Angle Cameras from Poketo awhile back and I finally got my roll developed. The roll turned okay alright (36 exposures) and below are some of my favorites from Columbus and then WMC Fest 3 in Cleveland! I forget how cameras like this can’t really handle any dim

Every month I decide to try 3 new things. Last month I decided that I wanted to make my own jewelry so I thought it would be fun to document it all and share! I originally used this post as a guest blog post over on Ciera’s blog yesterday but I wanted to post it […]

Today’s City Guide is brought to you by Rachael of Boston, MA! I’m especially excited for this guide because I spent a few days in Nantucket last year and it’s one of my most favorite places in the world! Enjoy! Before I moved from Indiana to Boston, I don’t think I’d ever heard of

The idea of recapping WMC Fest 3 (located in Cleveland, Ohio) is completely overwhelming. As I write this I really have absolutely no idea how I will accomplish this task but I’m going to try my best. I think posting this recap will not only benefit all those who didn’t get to attend (at all or [&h

This is a delicious cake with a complex flavor due to the darkness of the Guinness. It’s super moist and so delicious, and the cream cheese frosting really completes it. I brought it to work to share because there’s no way Kelly and I should eat this entire cake, and my one co-worker described its [

Hi everyone! I’m Sonya. I live in Providence, RI with my fiancé, my two awesome daughters, two orange cats and two little birds. We’re going for a Noah’s Ark theme over here. I wanted to start things off on a more personal note but stay tuned for my monthly feature, Disposable Diaries startin

I’ve been to a lot of concerts and I don’t know if I could even list them all if I tried. I do, however, remember the best. Last night I saw Feist in concert and it was amazing. It landed at #3 on the list of performers that I’ve seen live. Who are my top […]

I get a lot of questions pertaining to CONTENT! I mean what is blogging without content? The content here at Show + Tell has really changed over the years. Most of my old content was centered around my (amateur) design work or featured blurry iPhone photos. I wasn’t very active on Twitter and it wasn&#82

I thought I’d start June off with a Good Goods post (read my favorite goods from April). Here are my current favorites: Draw Your Tomorrow planner from Poketo: Seriously the best planner I’ve ever had. Lots of space for notes and the ability to start the year whenever you want! Giovanni 2Chic Shampo

I’ve been officially (and legally) operating my business for almost three years now! I remember receiving the certificate in the mail from the State of Ohio and the letter from the IRS stating my EIN (Employer Identification Number). It was all really exciting – and to be honest – it still is

As I explained earlier this week, May was a pretty important month and it directly influenced this blog! I’m excited to announce a few new things and share my June TRY THREE NEW THINGS.  ONE  // I will no longer be accepting sponsors or ads on my sidebar. While I was SO blessed with my […]