Weekend Recap

I had a great weekend filled with music, friends, film portrait sessions and gardening! I didn’t get to work on my necklaces but I’m going to pick up supplies this week on my lunch break. I got a pedicure (which is such a fun treat) and Adam and I got free tickets to see the Avett Brothers on Saturday night! I also figured I should show you a little preview of the two shoots (both shoots were taking in 85+ degree heat so I commend my clients for looking amazing).

If you’re in or near Columbus and want some film portraits taken, let me know!

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Comments (4)

  • Jessica R

    One of these days I’m going to be in Columbus, OH, so you can take my portraits…love your work :)

  • I love the shot of the little girl with the red balloon! super cute.
    Do you process your film yourself, or get it done in a lab?

    • Thank you!! I get them developed at a shop here in Columbus. I send it out if it’s medium format or BW :) If I’m in a rush I’ll go to Walgreens.

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