Link Love + Weekend List

It’s Friday! Hurray! Here are a few links to some of my favorite internet finds this week:

Weekend goals:

  • Re-evaluate what I’m doing with this blog. I have a few series (City Guides, Here We Go, Photo Challenges) that I love but I’m getting bored. Any tips or suggestions?
  • Shoot a roll of film on this camera and this camera. I have TWO photoshoots booked this weekend!
  • Watch the Bachelorette on DVR with one of my best friends and eat cheese/wine. Don’t judge.
  • Go to garage sales!
  • Go to the gym (yeah I do that now…crazy).
  • Find some basic tools and materials and make my necklaces! My Japanese vintage beads are amazing.

What are you doing this weekend? SHARE! 

*Photo taken on my Canon A-1 – B&W film

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Comments (14)

  • I have the other Poketo Tomorrow Planner and I love it to death! The one you got looks more organized, but I love mine. I’ll definitely be going to Poketo for all of my planner needs.

    Have a great weekend!

  • I also have some blog planning stuff to deal with this weekend. It’s Airplane Day this weekend for me, so Zach’s taking me out to dinner. Other than that, I’m super excited to just relax and recharge!

    • Happy Airplane Day, Jess! Yesterday was crazy busy yesterday but it was all fun. Hope to see you soon :)

  • There’s just so much awesome in this post. Poketo! Design books! Film photography!

    As for your blog – I love the City Guides!! And the Here We Go! Aaaaand the Photo Challenges!! Maybe if you’re getting bored with them you could have guest posts (for the last 2) like you do with the City Guides? Have other readers suggest / judge a photo challenge, have other people post blogging tips, etc?

    • I definitely love having guest contributors but I think I need to come up with a few other ideas to post about just to mix it up. Not necessarily “series” because I don’t want to go overkill about that. Still brainstorming though… hmmm…

  • Well I love Here We Go but I could see how you may get bored or run out of topics. If you are not having fun then it’s time to move on! In my opinion :)

  • I love the Rory Gilmore reading challenge and totally miss that show too! Can’t wait to read the rest of your links…happy weekend!

  • Those books sound awesome, and I love your planner! I’ve been feeling like I need to sit down and think about my blog too, but it’s hard to make time for it! Can’t wait to see what you come up with :)

    • I agree! Especially when you pretty much blog as a hobby :) I’ve decided I need to DO more in my life and then document it through my blog. I was getting too lazy.

  • Wow, you’ve got a busy weekend ahead of you! I’m disappearing off into the hills near my city for some much needed “country-time”, and baking a cake for some friends. Pretty quiet stuff!

    I love the series you do, but I like that you’re constantly re-evaluating – change is good!

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