Current Happenings

Since I am extremely busy with freelance work right now WHILE simultaneously trying to relax this week in honor of my 25th birthday (it’s tomorrow…if you were wondering), my blog posts aren’t going to be epic. Today I thought I’d share some of the projects I’ve completed and other collaborations I’m excited to be a part of!

I just finished the blog design and development for Janine Renee! Check out Snapshots and Secrets (category graphics displayed above) yourself! It was so fun to work on! I also recently finished design for Start It Up Athens (website displayed below). It was a project I worked on through Cement Marketing. I rarely post design projects over here on Show + Tell but I thought I might sporadically and point you towards my portfolio if you want to see more!

I’m also excited to share some recent collaborations that I’m involved in:

I’ll be blogging over on Piece of Chic three times a month featuring amazing, stylish ladies in new and unique ways. My favorite part? There will be a feature shot entirely on 35mm film!

I’m blogging about four times a week over on the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest blog! I’m featuring interview with speakers and designers. Not only am I blown away by the amount of talent that will be at WMC Fest this year…but they’re all so NICE! Be sure to check out my posts and Nikki’s interviews with the musicians.

I’ve been asked to be involved with Influence – The Conference in Indianapolis this fall! I can’t wait to share more. For now, visit the site and be on the look out for more details.

So that’s essentially what I’m up to when I’m not here blogging, at my day job, or working with my other 8+ freelance clients! Selfishly, I wish some of my awesome freelance projects would be over just so that I can share them but I must be patient and put in the work. I hope your having a fabulous Tuesday! Check back tomorrow for a birthday post + an update on my #30DaysToSanity challenge!

May 8, 2012