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Last Wednesday, I shared that I was taking a step back to re-evaluate and prioritize. I’ve only messed up a few times but other than that it’s been working really well. This week I’m starting Sarah’s #30DaysToSanity challenge for the month of May. I’ve made a few tweaks but it includes the following:

  • No more digital multi-tasking. Take in one article at a time. Focus on one project at a time. Plus, it helps when logging hours.
  • Adopt the 5 blog rule. I’m choosing 5 blogs to read in May. Essentially, my Google Reader is going to hit high numbers. That’s okay.
  • Stop working by 10pm, daily. That doesn’t mean I work 7am-10pm. I allow myself to cook, workout, meet friends.
  • Making creativity + physical activity a daily practice. I’m most excited about this.
  • Try three new things. Mine include: Take a class to learn something new, plant my own herbs, and make my own jewelry.

I’ll be using Wednesdays in May to update you on this challenge! Here We Go posts will resume in June (get ready for lots of information, video tutorials, and helpful downloads!). Also, you should notice that my May sponsor are now on the sidebar! I scaled back this month and chose to only bring on 5 sponsors total (one more coming soon). Happy May!

All photos above taken on my Pentax K1000, Kodak Porta film. Processed in Photoshop. I’m having fun with color lately.

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Comments (18)

  • Lovely photos, and I’m looking forward to the updates! (And to seeing you tomorrow.)

    Digital multitasking is so hard. Ahh.

  • Ok, I LOVE these photos! And goood luck with this challenge! I wish I had the guts to take it on!

    • Thanks Rebecca! Yes it’s a little scary but at least I can have unlimited tabs for work…just not pleasure. It really has helped me focus.

  • The Five Blog Rule sounds interesting. I love the color of the photos! ;)

  • Jessica R

    Yay for the herb garden! That was my fun idea for this month as well – I originally just thought about buying one on Amazon, but then thought it would be fun to make my own…scary, but I’m excited about it and I’m sick of buying herbs at the grocery store.

    Congrats on a fun and more balanced month ahead!

    • Yes! I want to do it myself too. Although a kit would be helpful…I’d like to customize. Now I just need to figure out where to put it all!

  • I’m doing the #30Day Challenge too and I’m excited to read your updates throughout! Jewelry making sounds so fun – can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    p.s. your blog was my fifth/last read of the day. :)

    • Yay for doing the challenge too!! And I’m so honored that I made your reading list :) I’ll post jewelry updates soon, I hope!


    i jotted down every single thing that i do in a notebook for 30 straight days. then i looked at it and laughed hysterically at how preposterous of a human i am that i think i can keep doing all of these things without having an aneurism.

    then i crossed off 5 of them and handed them off to someone else. and i’ve been doing that each week.

    but, being a control freak, it’s hard to let go of enough of them to have a modicum of sanity in my life. i think i’ve been cruising on an “utterly insane” speed for so long that i think it’s the normal speed limit…some day i will have a normal heart rate and sleep more than 4 hours a day. maybe.

    • also, i need to learn to stop adding as many new things per week as i take off. that seems to be a problem. lol.

    • I REALLY like the idea of handing off 5 things to someone else. I should try doing that because my to do lists are loooong.

      I don’t know how you only sleep 4 hours a night. I have to get at least 7 or I’m a worthless a-hole.

  • Really looking forward to how it all goes, Allie!

    PS–I totally cheated by looking at your post today. Worth it. :)

    • Cheater!! Haha I’m so glad it was worth it. I’ll keep you updated!! Thanks for challenging me this month.

  • I love the gradient sun picture!

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