Birthday Recap

I had quite a wonderful birthday on Wednesday. I took the day off and didn’t work AT ALL. Okay, maybe I responded to a few emails but that was it. AMAZING. I spent time with people that I love, ate great food and was really humbled by the tweets, posts and texts that I received. I have a feeling this next year is going to be pretty neat. Today we paid off our second and final car and it feels so, so good to not have any more payments. I remember back in 2009 thinking it would be ages until our credit cards, loans and cars were paid off. It’s been a great start as a 25 year old! Enjoy some iPhone shots from my birthday + a few of my lovely gifts.

Like I mentioned in the photo collage, Adam made me a lightbox and I’m so excited to use it all weekend. I’ll post a good photo of it once I get a chance but it’s SO fun to take photos with it. The current background is orange and makes for such a fun hue. I was so stunned and amazed that he figured out how to do it all. So perfect. I also got some other lovely presents including:

  1. Dan Chaon’s You Remind Me Of Me from Jess
  2. A Yashica-A! I wandered down to my favorite used photography store and bought my first medium format camera! Photos to come!
  3. Adam also bought me Feist’s album Metals on vinyl. Can’t wait to see her perform in June!
  4. Last but not least, my parents sent me gluten-free pasta and Beauty and the Beast on DVD! Heck yeah!

This weekend will be a continuation of this week. I’ve done a great job relaxing and taking things a little bit slow. I’ll be back next week with more structured posts including a sponsor giveaway, a Relish post, and your usual Thursday City Guide!

*Oh and by the way…congrats to Kathryn on winning the Indie & Chic giveaway!

May 11, 2012