Apartment Living: Light DIY

I often read home/DIY blogs (like Young House Love) and want to do everrrry single project. Then I look around at my little one bedroom apartment and realize that I cannot knock down walls or replace the hardwood flooring with something a bit more snazzy (and less scratched). This month while taking on Sarah’s 30 Days to Sanity Challenge, I’ve forced myself to get off my butt and actually try new things. I’ve planted my own herbs and vegetables, I’m creating my own jewelry, I made my first terrarium and now I’m going to tackle more apartment DIY projects. Inspired by some of my favorite bloggers (Delicious Duds and Design Curiosities) I hope to be posting more APARTMENT LIVING DIY posts this summer! I’ve been bored lately with some of my content and I want to get excited about blogging again.

So, with all that said, here is my first DIY! It’s a blatant rip off of Young House Love’s BUT I feel proud that I did it myself and give them total credit for being awesome. This project, in particular, really stuck out to me because it didn’t require me to rewire crap or knock things out. I just unscrewed the ugly, pre-existing fixture and gathered the following supplies:

Adam helped me with a lot of it and said you’ll probably need the appropriate bolts/washers and tools in order to remove your pre-existing fixture and then later attach the lampshade. Below is a BRIEF overview of how it went for me. Please head over to Young House Love to get better instructions and photos (what, you don’t love my yellow tinted iPhone pictures?).

After having created it, I wish our lampshade hung lower so that I didn’t have to glue the second half of the fabric AFTER it was hung. Young House Love explained in their comment section that theirs hung low enough from the ceiling that they were able to glue the entire piece of fabric while on the ground and then screw in the piece afterwards. Oh well! It’s the beauty of apartment living. I will have to rip it down in a year anyways.

Hope you enjoyed my first APARTMENT LIVING DIY! If you have any DIY recommendations or tips when you see my sad attempts…feel free to comment below! 

May 23, 2012