#30DaysToSanity Update

I thought I’d give an update on the May #30DaysToSanity challenge by Sarah Storer. The past few weeks have been a bit slower freelancing – which I’ve appreciated. I’ve either been waiting for feedback from clients or finalizing a handful of projects. I’ve failed at the whole “multitasking/multiple tabs” part of the challenge. I’ve actually used a lot of the downtime to discover new artists, articles and blogs all while cleaning out my Google Reader. Adam and I paid off our Honda Civic and now we’re heading towards home ownership! I can’t wait to have a second bedroom, a bigger kitchen and a backyard. Even though it probably won’t happen until early 2013, it’s fun to save, save, save.

One thing I HAVE accomplished is trying something now! I planted a tomato plant + parsley/basil/mint. I’ve heard from a few people that I should remove the mint since it can sort of take over the entire pot. I’d love any advice from you all! This is completely new to me and I’m still at the point where I sort of expect to fail. My two other “try new things” will include taking a fitness class (probably yoga since we’ve joined a gym) and making jewelry (I already ordered the vintage Japanese beads from Etsy). Any tips on finding the right material (chain) for a necklace? I want to make sure whatever I purchase fits through the holes of the beads but there aren’t a lot of shops here besides Michaels. No matter what- I’ve loved challenging myself to do things I wouldn’t normally do. I could make this a monthly thing.

May 16, 2012