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I thought I’d give an update on the May #30DaysToSanity challenge by Sarah Storer. The past few weeks have been a bit slower freelancing – which I’ve appreciated. I’ve either been waiting for feedback from clients or finalizing a handful of projects. I’ve failed at the whole “multitasking/multiple tabs” part of the challenge. I’ve actually used a lot of the downtime to discover new artists, articles and blogs all while cleaning out my Google Reader. Adam and I paid off our Honda Civic and now we’re heading towards home ownership! I can’t wait to have a second bedroom, a bigger kitchen and a backyard. Even though it probably won’t happen until early 2013, it’s fun to save, save, save.

One thing I HAVE accomplished is trying something now! I planted a tomato plant + parsley/basil/mint. I’ve heard from a few people that I should remove the mint since it can sort of take over the entire pot. I’d love any advice from you all! This is completely new to me and I’m still at the point where I sort of expect to fail. My two other “try new things” will include taking a fitness class (probably yoga since we’ve joined a gym) and making jewelry (I already ordered the vintage Japanese beads from Etsy). Any tips on finding the right material (chain) for a necklace? I want to make sure whatever I purchase fits through the holes of the beads but there aren’t a lot of shops here besides Michaels. No matter what- I’ve loved challenging myself to do things I wouldn’t normally do. I could make this a monthly thing.

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  • Lovely! Gardening is one of the activities that keep me sane! Don’t worry – if you give it enough water and it has lots of sun, you’ll be sure to succeed. The tomato will eventually need support. The rewards are amazing!

    • Riette- I’m excited to be trying it out! There’s something amazing about nurturing growth WHILE being outside.

  • Herbs seem to the the only plants I can keep alive! Definitely move the mint to its own pot. I just pulled mine out a couple days ago and the roots were wrapped around the pot about six times!

    • That is so crazy! I’ll be sure to pick up another pot tomorrow. Thanks for the comment Sarah :) I just hopped over to your blog and I love it! Thanks for the compliment/shout out too! xo

  • I’ve had mint practically completely die, and then resurrect after tearing out the REALLY dead stuff and any rotted roots. It’s really a strong plant! I have it in a pot alone so it can fill it out all the way. For now yours will be fine–but definitely keep an eye on your basil and that it doesn’t get overwhelmed. The more you tear off of the basil plant the stronger it grows. Once it starts to flower tear the flowers off so it keeps growing. I had not read about Sarah’s #30daystosanity challenge. Totally going to jump on that bandwagon. What a great and necessary idea. Since I’m joining late I will just go ahead and start now. even though it will run into #30DoC I can just try and start two habits at once? ….is that breaking the rules of the challenge though? You might be interested in 30 Days of Creativity! find them @createstuff

    • Stupid question but what does it look like when basil flowers? Nevermind, I can just Google it :) Thanks for the comment–you should totally jump on the #30DaysTo Sanity challenge. I’m loving the creativity challenge. Thanks for sharing!!

  • i will have some extra seedlings this week, if you’re interested. heirloom/organic of various plants, many of which do well in containers!

    mint is my spirit plant. it pretends to be meek but it secretly attempting to take over the world.

    • Yes! Want want want. We can swap makeup and I can take some of your seedlings. Sounds like the best hang out ever.

      And I love that you have a spirit plant. Now I want one.

  • I can’t help with the gardening thing because I am THE WORST at gardening, but I used to make jewelry all the time so I may be able to help there. I don’t know what kind of necklace you’re planning on, but it’s common to thread eyepins through the beads and then attach those to the chain instead of threading the chain through the beads directly. If you want a more streamlined look with the beads close together, use a stringing material like satin/linen cord or flexible beading wire, and then use a crimp bead at the ends.

    There are some examples of the basic process at http://www.ornamentea.com/BasicTutorials.htm … That site is also one of my favorites for buying jewelry supplies online, but Micheal’s should probably have enough to get you started! Good luck!

    (And let me know if you have any other questions…it’s been a while since I talked jewelry with anyone and I kinda miss it!)

    • Thank you so much!! That site is great—I can’t really describe how I want to make my necklaces so I might just go to Michaels and buy some materials to experiment. My beads are vintage Japanese and have really small holes so we’ll see if I can accomplish my vision :) I’ll keep you posted and tweet if I have any questions!

  • I suggest putting the containers all very close to eachother to reduce evaporation. Dehydration is the risk of potted plants – they need water at least every other day in the summer.

    I’m not sure how well romas will do in a container but I’m trying some this year too in case we move. I have mine in a five gallon bucket, the biggest container I had. Herbs are great in containers.

    • Thanks for the tips Rachel! I’ll look into buying a bigger pot for the tomatoes once they grow a bit + when I buy something to support them.

  • I really really really want to stop buying basil from the grocery store. I never use all I buy and then it goes to waste. I almost bought some pre-potted basil plants the other day, but now I’m inspired to figure it out myself! Thanks, Allie :)

    • Yes! That’s what I always got sick of. I would pay too much for basil or mint and never use it all. I plan to make pizza and pesto with the basil + mojitos with the mint! Let me know how it goes for you :)

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