Today’s City Guide is brought to you by Jess who lives in Washington D.C.! Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital, is a destination rich in politics, history and plenty of eighth-grade trips.  However, there is more to D.C. than meets the eye.  Throughout the city there are treasure troves of art, cul

As we’re nearing the end of May, I wanted to recap the #30DaysToSanity challenge. I can honestly say that I regained my sanity this month. April left me feeling exhausted and frustrated. I had taken on way too many freelance projects, I was working every night, and I just felt unhealthy. Taking on the san

I have a special place in my heart for a handful of musicians. It’s the kind of special where they release a new album and you feel like you’ve heard it a million times already. Or where you’d drop everything to see them perform live and you get butterflies in your stomach before they come [&h

Timeless Skin Solutions, one of my May sponsors, is generously giving away some Obagi products! Their tote from Obagi contains travel sizes of Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35, Gentle Cleanser and Toner. Obagi is recognized worldwide as one of the leading skin care lines that delivers results and not just promise

I created this print for a friend recently. She commissioned me to create seven unique and original prints for her and her boyfriend’s living room. I can’t wait to see a photo of them all framed and arranged! This print is what inspired me to create this free wallpaper for download. I printed extra

Today’s City Guide is brought to you by Hannah DeMilta who lives in Sydney, Australia! Enjoy! Sydney is made up of the best of two different worlds in my mind – a modern gorgeous city paired with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I spend most of my time caught up in […]

I often read home/DIY blogs (like Young House Love) and want to do everrrry single project. Then I look around at my little one bedroom apartment and realize that I cannot knock down walls or replace the hardwood flooring with something a bit more snazzy (and less scratched). This month while taking on Sarah&#8

My friend Heather took me to EcoFlora last night for a belated birthday present/terrarium building class! Located in Clintonville (a neighborhood in Columbus), this little shop stole my heart! So many gorgeous flowers, succulents, and jars. My terrarium turned out differently than I had anticipated but I love i

I had a great weekend filled with music, friends, film portrait sessions and gardening! I didn’t get to work on my necklaces but I’m going to pick up supplies this week on my lunch break. I got a pedicure (which is such a fun treat) and Adam and I got free tickets to see the […]

I’m excited to introduce you all to Ciera today! She is one of my May sponsors and is incredibly talented. I love her work, chatting with her on Twitter and her blog.  Name: Ciera Holzenthal Age: 29 Location: Born and raised in New Orleans but have been living in Boston for the past year. Q. When did

It’s Friday! Hurray! Here are a few links to some of my favorite internet finds this week: I was chatting with Erika the other day about swapping design-related books via snail mail. This, this and this are on my list to read. This is my new planner. And I love it. SIMPLE AND SWEET. New favorite [&hellip

Today’s City Guide is brought to you by Fiona of The Corner of the Internet I Call Home! Trying to create a guide for London without dividing it up somehow was impossible. So many Londoners see the river as a wall; separating the North from the South. I’ve used the same scheme, just for simplicity, [&he

I thought I’d give an update on the May #30DaysToSanity challenge by Sarah Storer. The past few weeks have been a bit slower freelancing – which I’ve appreciated. I’ve either been waiting for feedback from clients or finalizing a handful of projects. I’ve failed at the whole &#8220

Relish, a food series, is hosted by guest blogger Jon Schelander-Pugh! Read more about him below this recipe! In a few cities in Minnesota, there is a pizza restaurant called Pizza Luce, and they have all kinds of wonderful things. One of these pizzas is a garlic mashed potato pizza, and I thought I would [&hel

This month’s Birchbox was delivered this past Saturday and it definitely wasn’t one of my favorites. The box was “Gossip Girl” themed (which doesn’t really mean a lot to me since I don’t watch the show) and had the following inside: Birchbox Notecards – This was an bonu

Foxtrot Press, a May sponsor, is hosting a giveaway here this week! One of you lucky readers will win a set of 4 cards designed by Erika Dillon (the brains behind Foxtrot Press) with accompanying envelopes. I love the bright and colorful cards – perfect for any occasion. I’m using a new way to track

I had quite a wonderful birthday on Wednesday. I took the day off and didn’t work AT ALL. Okay, maybe I responded to a few emails but that was it. AMAZING. I spent time with people that I love, ate great food and was really humbled by the tweets, posts and texts that I received. […]

Today’s City Guide is brought to you by Su Pak who currently lives in the Inland Empire! Enjoy! I grew up in the Inland Empire (or what locals call the “IE”) 40 minutes east of Los Angeles. Some people may brush off the IE for LA and San Diego but the region has a lot of […]

Today I’m 25. I’m not the kind of person that thinks in terms of age, years, or time in general. I’ve always felt older than my actual age but boy do I LOVE celebrating birthdays. I took today off work and am going to enjoy some treats like shopping, perhaps buying a pretty headboard, celebrat

Since I am extremely busy with freelance work right now WHILE simultaneously trying to relax this week in honor of my 25th birthday (it’s tomorrow…if you were wondering), my blog posts aren’t going to be epic. Today I thought I’d share some of the projects I’ve completed and other

This weekend we went to Indianapolis and I got the privilege to watch Adam run his third half marathon. Indianapolis hosts the largest half marathon in the nation (35,000 participants!) and it was so incredibly fun. I know that I can get really selfish, “focused,” and distracted sometimes so it wa

This week’s giveaway comes from Indie & Chic! Samantha started her shop back in 2008 and I was excited when she approached me about hosting a giveaway! To enter to win her bobby pins, earrings and ring (above), you can do the following (each one lands you a separate entry): Leave a comment with your [

I was sincerely moved yesterday after stumbling across Creature Comforts’ post titled, “Things I’m Afraid To Tell You” (a post inspired by Jess Constable). I read her post followed by the many brave souls who really opened up and shared a lot. I decided that I wanted to follow their exam

I have two announcements this morning! I want to announce the winner of the April Photo Challenge. Your lovely judge, Kara, has made her decision and I’m happy to announce that Joel is the winner! His Week 3 submission (below) is the winning shot. He will receive the amazing Debbie Carlos postcards as his

Today’s CITY GUIDE is brought to you by Mallory Nickels of Little Rock, Arkansas! Rosalia’s Family Bakery is one of Little Rock’s hidden gems. A Brazilian bakery which sprung from a Brazilian restaurant next door, it’s a place people are constantly popping in and out of. It’s got a

Last Wednesday, I shared that I was taking a step back to re-evaluate and prioritize. I’ve only messed up a few times but other than that it’s been working really well. This week I’m starting Sarah’s #30DaysToSanity challenge for the month of May. I’ve made a few tweaks but it incl