#snapaphoto April Photo Challenge: Week 3

Candid shots of strangers. That was Week 3’s challenge. I had high hopes for my photo. I wanted a shot with a lot of character and emotion but it’s pretty dang hard when you don’t want to shove a camera in someone’s face. When I take my film portraits, I’m SO close to my client’s faces. Awkwardly close. I also waited until it was too cold to finally take my shots. Everyone was bundled up and walking quickly to their destination. I mostly felt like a stalker. I ended up taking my chosen shot while eating at Betty’s (a local Columbus restaurant). I’m always intrigued by people who eat by themselves. I’m not saying it’s weird…but I always admire them (unless they look sad and then I want to invite them to eat with me).

How did your experience go? How did you approach it? What surprised you? Did this week’s challenge make you look forward to or dread this week’s challenge?

If you’re just joining the fun, you can take a look at Week 1 and Week 2 of the challenge. Even if you haven’t submitted yet, feel free to send in your portrait for Week 4 here. All entries are due on Sunday, April 29th by 8pm EST. Good luck approaching your stranger of choice!

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Comments (11)

  • I am in love with Kate’s shot. Can’t stop looking at it. WOW! Love this project, makes me wanna try snapping some photos of strangers too.

  • I love Elise’s photo! Such a beautiful and smart idea to shoot the reflection; I bet it looked a lot less stalker-y.

    This challenge was a little difficult at first, but I ended up having a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to, and am a bit scared of, the next challenge though!

  • For being a tough assignment, I think these photos are amazing.

  • I LOVE Elise’s! Such a unique point of view; the reflection in the floor is wonderful. I like the look of Allie’s too.

  • I found this challenge very difficult. I agree on the point of it feeling a little stalkerish. I actually had a few times where I would’ve been more comfortable asking permission to take a photo than just snap one without their knowledge. This makes me more excited for this week, though!

    I love Joel’s and Jules’, and I also thought Adam’s was great. Impressed overall with how everyone did with what I thought was a difficult challenge!

    • Jon, I had those moments where I would’ve felt more comfortable asking strangers to take their picture too. It’s not very often that a 5’4″ girl can be scary, but with a camera in hand & this challenge, I frightened several people when they heard me take a picture.

      Interested to see how the pictures turn out for this week’s challenge!!

  • I love Allie’s, Joel’s and Jules’ pictures! What a unique perspective everyone had this week! I agree that sometimes it is easier just to ask for permission, though I did get lucky this week while waiting for my food at a restaurant called Cheesetique – The sweet man with a bow tie had no idea I was even there :)

  • It’s official: these are, hands down, my favorite group of challenge shots to date. There’s just something a little sweet, scary, lonely and daring about catching strangers going about their business. I especially love the old man…I want to know his story, you know?

    Great stuff, Allie and friends!

    • YAY! It is a bit scary/sweet–I want to get better about taking candids of strangers. Candid shots, in general, are ones that I’m most drawn towards.

  • ELISE, your photo = masterpiece

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