#snapaphoto April Photo Challenge: Week 2

I really adore these detail shots for Week 2! My shot is of my husband, Adam, and his tattooed wedding band. I love the moments when he’s really listening to me and moves one of his hands near his face because he’s really concentrating. I think that’s why I really love the submissions this week. As I was compiling the post, I realized that each of these shots were taken in sort of an intimate moment. You can’t get too close to a stranger without them feeling uncomfortable or awkward. Each of these photos tell a story or are prefaced with a history. I even love the anonymity in each photograph. You only see a small part and really–in real life–that never happens. My favorite submission was Jon’s. So gorgeous! What is your favorite photograph?

Next week’s challenge is to photograph a stranger (without them knowing or aware). I’m excited to see these because it sort of preps us all for the final week…approaching a stranger and trying to capture who they are within a matter of seconds. Good luck and be sure to submit by Sunday at 8pm EST!

April 17, 2012