#snapaphoto April Photo Challenge: Week 1

Look at all these lovely faces! 17 to be exact…plus a few cute pets. I was so excited as submissions started coming in. I was a bit nervous for awhile since my blog was down most of Saturday and Sunday morning. If you tried to submit your photos but realized it wasn’t working, comment below and I’ll definitely add your photos in! As for the submissions that I DID receive, I love them! I would smile every time I opened an email and saw a new, friendly face. My favorite is Kate’s. Oh did it make me laugh! Which portrait is your favorite? I loved seeing the variation of cameras used (shout out to Joel and Elise for using the same one as I did!)

Next week’s challenge is to photograph detail. It could be a smile, an arm, a silhouette, or maybe motion. I would love to see personality come out this week. What makes that person unique? How do you capture that? Submit your photo to me by Sunday at 8pm EST! Even if you didn’t submit this week, you are more than welcome to start week 2 (you just can’t win the prize).

April 10, 2012