Show + Tell

Today’s post pretty much sums up the name of my blog. I have lots of little things to share with you so I thought today’s post can be a compilation of all sorts of things. First of all, I thought I’d share what I got my in Good & Lovely box this month. It definitely is my favorite box so far. Chapstick, chocolate, body wash, tea + more! I also thought I’d share Adam’s Dollar Shave Club razor. For $1/month he gets a razor (with multiple blades) delivered to our apartment! It’s one of the best razors he’s ever used and he hasn’t even changed the razor yet! He compared to Gillette Fusion. ONE DOLLAR! You can use his referral link if you think you (or your significant other) might like it. I think I’m going to sign up too. I love their marketing and branding.

I also thought it would be fun to share some of things that I’ve been loving lately. Blogging can tend to feel very materialistic and there are non-things that bring me happiness over thing-things. You get it.

1. I read this interview with Dana Tanamachi twice. It’s that good. My favorite quote (it pretty much spoke directly to me and my situation now):

“…when you still have your job you don’t have to obsess about the consequences of saying no [unpaid bills, going hungry, etc…]. You can instead focus on the benefits of saying yes to the right opportunities. When you keep your day job, all opportunities become surplus propositions rather than deficit remedies. You only have to take the ones that suit your dream best.”

2. The Joy of Quiet. Something I need to embrace.

3. I’m registered for Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. Why aren’t you? 20 speakers. 20 Designers. Musicians. Cleveland. So excited.

4. I’ve been catching up on Let’s Make Mistakes since I got a little tired of podcasts at the end of last year. I’m also listening to Stuff You Should Know, Comedy Bang Bang, The Dave Ramsey Show, This American Life and The Jillian Michaels show. What podcasts do you listen to?

*Oh and congrats to Lolo Holmes for winning my Kitten Bear necklace giveaway! I’ll be contacting you by email to get your mailing information! Thanks to all who entered the giveaway. Be on the lookout for my next one soon!

April 13, 2012