Reminder: April Photo Challenge

Just a little reminder that you can be shooting for week 1 of my April photo challenge! Your first photo is due by Sunday, April 8th at 8pm EST. The submission button is now up on my sidebar and I’m always here if you have any questions! I’m excited to see the results of the first week!

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Comments (4)

  • This is rad. I always want to do photo challenges but the ‘one a day’ thing is so hard to live up to. I like that this one is once a week, AND you chose things I’ve been wanting to shoot anyhow. So… thanks! :)

    • I’m glad you’ll be participating!! I agree, daily photo challenges feel impossible sometimes!

      • Not just participating, but totally (attempting to) take on your self-imposed challenge too of shooting all in film. Although probably not for this first week given the lateness… But i have about 30 vintage and film cameras that are in need of a bit of love, so it’s a perfect excuse to break them out. ;) Good times.

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