I call this set REFLECTION. I shot a B&W roll (a REAL black & white roll) during a film portrait session and finished it off while I was sitting outside my favorite coffee shop, Stauf’s. For those of you who don’t know, you can’t just walk into any old shop or Walgreens to develop a real roll of B&W film. If you’ve developed “black & white” film before at a Walgreens then it probably wasn’t real (it was C-41, which their machines can process). I decided to send my roll off to Richard Photo Lab¬†for the first time ever! In my dreams I would just develop film myself but our teeny tiny one bedroom apartment wouldn’t really accommodate my setup. I filled out the form, mailed it along with my roll of film and about a week and a half later, I got an email with the FTP information and downloaded my photos! Pretty awesome. Cost? $37. Obviously it’s more pricey than when I use C-41 but I’m excited to get a color roll or try out a medium format camera and ship off to Richard Photo Lab for processing. You can see the photos from my film session below:

Happy Friday! Don’t forget–your Week 1 photo submission is due by Sunday at 8pm!

April 6, 2012