Here We Go: Images

A few weeks ago, I posted about LINKING which often refers to images or sources. Today I’ll be talking about images in more of a technical sense. So often I will visit a blog and the images really set a negative tone for the entire site. The great thing about this problem is that it’s usually an easy fix by only addressing a few issues.

1. Take photos in natural light.

Find a window or a room with natural lighting and stick to taking your photos consistently in that spot. I tend to take all my photos right near our large, front window. Make sure you turn your flash OFF. You can see the differences below:

2. Allow your photos to take on full width.

Make sure your photos represent the full width of your blog’s body content! You can re-size them in your photo editor or even scale within WordPress. It really creates continuity for your readers when scrolling through your blog. All of my photos are consistently 700 pixels wide.

3. Save for web!

Even if you’re sizing your photos for the width of your blog, they will still be larger (we’re talking GB/KB…not pixel width) than necessary. If you own Photoshop, you can save for web and devices. Here is a tutorial. If you do not have Photoshop, you can install WP which will do bring your photograph to the smallest possible. I don’t use this plugin so I can’t testify to quality but it’s worth giving a shot! Doing this for all your photos will allow your blog to load faster!

Some other small tips include:

  • Be intentional with your image file names. It will increase visibility when people search keywords relating to the name. For example: saving a photo as “blog-photo-tips.jpg” will probably bring about more traffic than an image saved as “image.jpg.”
  • Use original photos! It’s much more interesting for your readers.
  • Save them all on your computer or someplace like Dropbox in case anything on your blog is lost.
  • Create collages or grids of photographs to give variety to your posts.

So there are a few tips on images. Let me know if you have any questions or advice to share below in the comment section!

April 18, 2012