A Step Back

I’ve been working. A LOT. Like…too much. 70 hour work weeks. Last weekend I had one of those moments where I realized I needed to take a step back. I don’t mean “quitting” anything necessarily but moving things around and restructuring. It was a great weekend to think about it all. One of my friends had her baby boy, another is pregnant, I photographed our friends’ engagement, and two of our best pals moved in down the street. The real stuff. I’m not saying work, blogging and my crazy obsession with Instagram isn’t real. It’s just not what I want my entire life to be consumed by. So what changes am I making? Here’s a list (I love lists):

  • I’m hiring an amazing virtual assistant (details to come). For now, she will handle all inquires and new client emails. Hopefully we’ll build up to her helping with scheduling, blogging and invoicing!
  • I’m turning off my computer by 10pm daily. This is huge for me. I’m usually awake until 12-1am working on freelance projects.
  • Adam and I will wake up at the same time and spend at least an hour together before work. Breakfast, reading, and a kiss goodbye. No more rushing.
  • I recently switched my invoicing platform to Freshbooks. I can’t get enough of it. I’m also starting to track my time on every.single.task so get a better sense on what I’m doing with my time.
  • When in doubt…walk. I want to take more walks with Adam, maybe just Desh and sometimes by myself. Maybe I’ll take a camera. Maybe not.
  • I want to look into either a chiropractor or a monthly budget for a deep tissue massage.

Those are just a few of things I’m implementing (I started this week). I think I’ll be a better wife, friend and business owner if I take steps backward and look at the big picture more often. The photos above were taken recently. Getting tea with Adam, exploring Columbus, and sending letters to my best friends…all good things.

How do you stay balanced & healthy? When do you know you’ve reached your limit? Any tips or recommendations?

*Top four photos taken on my Minolta SRT-201. Bottom two photos taken on my iPhone.

April 25, 2012