This past weekend I finalized a project for a client and I got to involve watercolor! I loved it so much I decided to create a freebie wallpaper for you all! The charcoal blob in the middle inspired me to pull a Mumford and Sons lyric. It seemed perfect. I’m digging those bright teals and […]

I’m excited to announce the last April sponsor giveaway today (on the last day of April)! Jim of ZOMGIMBORED is graciously giving away two signed posters and a tee that he designed. Amazing! I’m a huge fan of Jim’s work, blog and Twitter feed. He’s always sharing resources, color schemes

Lately I’ve been trying to avoid materialistic posts. I tend to get tired of that when scrolling through my Google Reader but beautiful, quality products still catch my eye. I thought maybe once a month I’d post a “Good Goods” post. It’ll be a combination of things I’ve recen

Today’s City Guide is brought to you by Heather of Tea with Me! I’m excited to share the first Canadian destination! Enjoy. Is there good food? Is there fascinating history? It’s these two questions that constantly pop into my mind when choosing a place to visit; it so happens that this city has b

I’ve been working. A LOT. Like…too much. 70 hour work weeks. Last weekend I had one of those moments where I realized I needed to take a step back. I don’t mean “quitting” anything necessarily but moving things around and restructuring. It was a great weekend to think about it all.

April flew by. I think I say that after every month nears its end. I’m now accepting May sponsors and a handful of spots for swap. If you’re interested, please contact me here. We can chat about your options, opportunities and if it would be a good fit! I love all the support I’ve received [&h

One of my April sponsors, a lovely Etsy shop called Life in Progress, is offering a giveaway here on Show + Tell! To win this cute screen printed tea/kitchen towel (made of natural flour sack), you must visit her shop and share your favorite item (besides this towel, of course)! For additional entries, you can:

Time for my monthly Birchbox review! This month’s was lovely. First off, I loved the bright green tissue paper. I’m not a huge “pink” person and so I definitely noticed this month. Inside I found: Befine daily moisturizer and body scrub. The lotion (SPF 15) definitely smelled a bit like

Today’s City Guide is brought to you by Andrew Neel, Rebekah Neel, and Josh Ohms (all living in Chicago, Illinois)! First off, Allie is awesome for having people do these city guides, and she gets the biggest of props from us here in Chi-town. Thanks, Lehman! To be true to the spirit of Chicago, this [&he

A few weeks ago, I posted about LINKING which often refers to images or sources. Today I’ll be talking about images in more of a technical sense. So often I will visit a blog and the images really set a negative tone for the entire site. The great thing about this problem is that it’s […]

This new food-inspired series is called Relish! Today’s guest blogger is Jon and you can find out how to connect with him further down at the bottom of this post! Enjoy! I began Foodie Friday on my blog as a way of committing to trying at least one new recipe a week, but it was […]

I’m excited to announce this week’s giveaway to all my Columbus readers! Aveda Columbus, one of my April sponsors, has generously offered to give away a pair of Earth Jam tickets (you will be seated right next to the runway), two $25 service giftcards, AND the Aveda Stress Fix line to one lucky winn

Today’s post pretty much sums up the name of my blog. I have lots of little things to share with you so I thought today’s post can be a compilation of all sorts of things. First of all, I thought I’d share what I got my in Good & Lovely box this month. It definitely […]

Today’s City Guide is brought to you by Zac of Durham! Visiting Raleigh-Durham (aka RalDur, Durleigh, the better 2/3 of the triangle) is really the best of both worlds. The burgeoning city and emerging social scene abound at both locations in fun and distinct ways. Durham The best way to start your day in

Whether you want to or not, you need to learn about domains and hosting. It might not be the most exciting part about blogging but it’s necessary and one of the first steps in setting up your blog. To break it down simply: your domain name is like your home address. You can put it on […]

About a week ago I was able to take portraits of TWO lovely ladies on a Sunday afternoon. I shot film portraits of Jen Myers (above…oh and hint: you may recognize my April Photo Challenge submission tomorrow after this) at Franklin Park Conservatory with her adorable daughter. The lighting was perfect. It

One of my April sponsors, Dani from Kitten Bear, is graciously giving away one of her necklaces this week here on Show + Tell! How gorgeous is it? Lately I’ve been looking for fun spring accessories and all of Dani’s necklaces are gorgeous. In order to enter into this giveaway you must comment below

I call this set REFLECTION. I shot a B&W roll (a REAL black & white roll) during a film portrait session and finished it off while I was sitting outside my favorite coffee shop, Stauf’s. For those of you who don’t know, you can’t just walk into any old shop or Walgreens to develop a [&

Congrats Halle! You’ve won a spot in the M! I know that you’ll learn SO much in Kara’s class and I can’t wait to see the photos after you push those settings into manual. Thank you to all who entered, I LOVED reading your comments. Just because you didn’t win a free spot doesn&#821

Today’s city guide is brought to you by Nicole of Boston! Enjoy! Houston may be sprawling, but it’s packed with a little bit of everything. It’s full of culture: outdoor theaters, lots of art (both folk and fine), an incredible variety of food, and some of the best vintage shops around. Housto

Today we’re talking about your time (probably something that you value) and how you can fit blogging into your busy schedule. It’s tough. I currently work 60-70 hours a week (juggling my day job and all my freelance work) but I still prioritize blogging. I’m motivated by all your lovely commen

Last week I was feeling nostalgic and a bit sad. My lolo and lola (Filipino grandpa and grandma) have both passed away and I think that as time passes…I start to realize how young they really were. While grieving, I don’t think that I ever fully processed how the change would affect my life or that

Just a little reminder that you can be shooting for week 1 of my April photo challenge! Your first photo is due by Sunday, April 8th at 8pm EST. The submission button is now up on my sidebar and I’m always here if you have any questions! I’m excited to see the results of the […]

I’m so, so, so excited to announce that Kara is giving away a spot in her photography e-course, the M, here on Show + Tell! I love Kara’s work and creativity so much that I asked her to judge my April photo challenge. If you’re someone that wants to really learn how to use their DSLR, [&helli