Sponsor Spotlight: Emily Elizabeth Jewelry

I’ve been a fan and customer of Emily Elizabeth Jewelry for years now! I was so excited when Emily offered to sponsor my blog for the month of March! Her jewelry, which is always gorgeous, can be found featured in magazines and constantly spotted on celebrities. When asked what she loves about March, Emily answered: “I¬†actually dont like March because the weather is usually so transitional- no wintery, not springy, usually kinda cold, kinda wet and blah, but the the weather this year has been fab.” Below are a few things she can’t get enough of:

  1. Green Nail Polish
  2. Her New Cowboy Boots (these aren’t her actual boots, just a suggestion!)
  3. Pineapple
  4. Ice Loves Coco
  5. Good Coffee (mug found on Horne)

Be sure to connect with Emily on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. And if you’re interested in sponsoring Show + Tell in April, be sure to send me a message and I’ll get you info + rates!

March 20, 2012