Thank you to all who participated in the #phonephoto challenge in February! It was a really fun month and one of my favorite challenges so far. I loved seeing how the colors seemed to pop up in all of your lives. I’m happy to announce that SUE won with her set from Week 1 (WHITE)! Congrats, Sue! I’ll be contacting you via email to get your address. Heather, your lovely judge, said it was so difficult to choose a winner. We were both so amazed at how talented you all are.

As for fun stats and facts, I’ve created a little infographic below. Unfortunately, not everyone who participated filled out my mini-questionnaire┬áso I could only pull data from those that responded!

More fun facts (I was tired so I didn’t put these in the infographic):

  • Those that submitted photos hold very fun jobs! An architect, a project development manager, 5 designers, a production assistant, 2 paralegals, a flight attendant, a marketing events coordinator, an IT consultant, a student, someone in the non profit sector, and another in the food industry! See, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to participate!
  • NO ONE said that Week 4 (YELLOW) was their favorite.
  • Most people discovered the challenge or my blog through another website or through Twitter!

Again, thanks for all who participated and supported/commented each week. I’ll be taking a break in March but I’ll be hosting another photo challenge in April. Let’s just say it will DEFINITELY force you out of your comfort zone if you really choose to take the challenge.

March 2, 2012