Makeup Splurge

About a month ago, I tweeted to Leigh Ann (a freelance makeup artist), “Hey you. I need help finding the perfect lip shade(s) and a brand. Can you assist? Do you do this kind of thing? ;)” She promptly responded and we set a date to meet at Nordstrom during my lunch hour. An hour later, I was walking out with lots of fun makeup and a new, bright shade of nail polish. It honestly was the best thing I could have done. Leigh Ann, who is amazing at what she does, sat me down and showed me various different “looks.” An every day look, a fun summery look, and a look for when I go out at night. Obviously I couldn’t buy everything┬ábut I did choose the makeup pictured above. The photo of me was taken on my iPhone right after she did my makeup. My makeup used to NEVER look that good. I always hated my lip gloss (it never stayed on), my eyeliner always creased and I wasn’t using the best shade of blush.

I would highly recommend snagging a professional makeup artist and having them give you a mini lesson if you feel a bit uninspired by your current makeup collection. I really love the quality of Bobbi Brown’s line, the simplicity of the branding and it’s seriously so affordable. What are you wearing lately? Any new, fun shades? Anything that you SWEAR by? I’m always up for recommendations + a little incentive to go into a Sephora or Nordstrom!

Rich Lip Color in Guava | Eyeshadows in Bone and Rose Gold | Sheer Color Lip Glass in Citrus | Lip Gloss in Rosy | Butter London’s Jaffa

March 6, 2012