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About a month ago, I tweeted to Leigh Ann (a freelance makeup artist), “Hey you. I need help finding the perfect lip shade(s) and a brand. Can you assist? Do you do this kind of thing? ;)” She promptly responded and we set a date to meet at Nordstrom during my lunch hour. An hour later, I was walking out with lots of fun makeup and a new, bright shade of nail polish. It honestly was the best thing I could have done. Leigh Ann, who is amazing at what she does, sat me down and showed me various different “looks.” An every day look, a fun summery look, and a look for when I go out at night. Obviously I couldn’t buy everything but I did choose the makeup pictured above. The photo of me was taken on my iPhone right after she did my makeup. My makeup used to NEVER look that good. I always hated my lip gloss (it never stayed on), my eyeliner always creased and I wasn’t using the best shade of blush.

I would highly recommend snagging a professional makeup artist and having them give you a mini lesson if you feel a bit uninspired by your current makeup collection. I really love the quality of Bobbi Brown’s line, the simplicity of the branding and it’s seriously so affordable. What are you wearing lately? Any new, fun shades? Anything that you SWEAR by? I’m always up for recommendations + a little incentive to go into a Sephora or Nordstrom!

Rich Lip Color in Guava | Eyeshadows in Bone and Rose Gold | Sheer Color Lip Glass in Citrus | Lip Gloss in Rosy | Butter London’s Jaffa

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  • I love Bobbi Brown – I always, always splurge on a very neutral everyday eye shadow. I used a shade very similar to Bone only with a slight shimmer… Do you like the Butter nail polish? That’s one brand I’ve never tried but have wanted to!

    • I absolutely love the shade and how fast Butter dries but I’ve seen more chipping and wearing with it (vs Zoya or OPI). But I love that it’s non-toxic.

  • What is the secret to non-creasing eyeliner? Is it primer?

    • For me, it’s a combo of slightly priming my eyes with some of my concealer… the quality of the eyeshadow paired… and then lining my eyes as close to the lash line (keeping it thinner vs a thicker line) with my Clinique eyeliner.

      My liner would always crease/imprint and then eyeshadow would accumulate.

  • I love this nail color. How did you photoshop the eyeshadow shade?

    • Me too Jewel! As for the photoshopping, I just pulled the image from Bobbi Brown and erased the white background so I wasn’t limited. Then it allows you to overlap images if you want :) I’m hoping to cover some editing tricks soon here on my blog for those with Photoshop + other cheaper software. Let me know if you ever have any other questions, I’d love to answer them if I can!

  • Beauty goodies! Fun, and perfect for the (incoming, soon, hopefully) spring weather. Bobbi Brown cosmetics really are wonderful.

    I use Tarte’s cheek stain in natural beauty and Stila’s waterproof liquid eyeliner. I have this issue where my eyeliner ALWAYS smears with eyeliners, even waterproof ones, because my eyelids are oily. Grr. But the Stila one works like a dream.

    I’m thinking about branching out and buying NARS Orgasm blush this spring. It looks peachy and soft, and I could use a break from my pink/rose hue.

    Side note: I like your washi tape!

    • Yes! It was such a little highlight in my week. I need to try that eyeliner. I like to have different options.

      As for NARS, Leigh Ann did some looks on me with their products too. Definitely loved it. Let me know how you like Orgasm. I’m going to buy Bobbi’s Apricot blush. It paired well with my lip shades!

      And thanks re: tape. It’s just a set I downloaded as pngs. I still have yet to buy the physical tape.

  • Your posts on beauty are the only (literally) reminder I have to think about girly, fun things – Thank you! The Clinique eye liner rec was superb and now I can’t wait to try Bobbi Brown!

    • I’m so glad these posts serve as good reminders to be girly :) honestly I never was into makeup or anything like that (probably because my mom wasn’t either) but lately I realized it brightens my day when I wear a bright scarf and some lipstick!!

  • These are lovely! I’ve splurged too much on make-up this winter, so I’m not buying anything now. Will keep Bobbi Brown in mind for later on though;)

    • The bummer (for me at least) is when I buy makeup in the summer/winter and then my color changes and it looks awkward.

  • Veronica

    My absolute FAVORITE item that I’ve been using is called “Sealed With A Kiss” and its a roll-on seal that you put over your lipstick and it literally holds the color ALL day. I love it.

    Thanks for the recommendations Alli! LOVE me some BUTTER nail polish.

    • Ah no way!! And you like the way it feels once it’s on? That’s awesome. Thanks for the rec Veronica!

  • i love nars and mac. they suit my junior-prostitute look very well. but aside from decent makeup products, i think a lot of pain could be saved with the correct makeup brushes/tools.


    • Ah yes, brushes and tools are important. Although I do like using my fingers…easier and cheaper haha.

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