I thought it was color film.

There’s something truly magical about film photography. Sometimes you load a roll of film and slowly take photographs. For me, this time, it was over a period of 5 months. I took portraits of Matt and must have brought the camera with me to Illinois where I captured that gorgeous shot of my sister (bottom). I finished out the roll this past weekend and snapped that photo of Desh and  our new aloe/ jade plants.

What’s even more interesting is that the entire time I thought I was shooting color film. I imagined what it would look like to capture the red coat that my sister was wearing (see, you didn’t know that) or the green/orange contrast between the plants and their pots. Obviously all of that is lost and I am actually still happy with how those photographs turned out.

If you love photography (you don’t have to be a pro), I would highly encourage you to shoot film. If you’re in the Columbus area, stop by World of Used Photography in Grandview. You can snag a film SLR with a lens for under $40. The experience is priceless. I promise. Oh and speaking of film. I STILL have yet to finish and develop the roll from my Sardina. I got it early August so I’m sure it will be fun to see the results.

If you’re interested in booking a film portrait session with me, feel free to contact me and we can discuss!

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  • These are fantastic. Do you develop and print them yourself? I’ve done a lot of that while in school, but it’s such a long process I haven’t done it in a few years and kind of forget most of it.

    • No Jim, I don’t sadly. I wish I could but our little apartment isn’t ideal. I hope to when we have more room.

      I either get them developed in town at a local camera store, Walgreens if I’m rushed or I’ll send it out if it needs it.

  • These are lovely, Allie! I saw your portrait photos of Matt last night and they look awesome. :) Your B&W roll came out wonderfully!

    I really need to stop by WoUP soon to figure out my film camera issues.

    • Thanks Jess!! Means a lot coming from you. And yes you do. I got burned out shooting film for like a month or two but this roll got me excited again :) lmk if you go to WoUP! I’ll go with!

  • That’s funny. They turned out well.

  • Sometimes I will find film at a thrift store and buy it to use. It is so exciting because you never know what it will turn out like!

  • The portrait of your sister is GORGEOUS. I feel like her expression and emotion would have been lost a bit in color. What a fun surprise for you!

  • Allie, this is so beautiful. The light is just perfect. I love shooting with film, especially black and white. For me it is so forgiving yet dramatic.

    • Thank you Riette! What a compliment. I was very happy with this roll –it motivated me to keep shooting in BW!

  • These photos are great – you inspire me to pick up a film camera and play around with it. I’m learning my way around with a dslr but I agree, there is something almost nostalgic about a roll of film.

    And omgsh, you and your sister could be twins!

    • Ah let me know if you ever play around with film! It’s so great. And I agree…my sister and I could be twins…but we’re 10 years apart!!!

  • These are so beautiful!! I’ve really been craving film photography again, I just need to grab a camera…he he. Black and whites are my favorite!

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