Here We Go: Inspiration

Today’s Here We Go post was inspired by the tweet: “What to do when you’re feeling uninspired! How do you get your mojo back?” A great, great question. There have been many times where I find my mind completely blank. After three years of blogging, I’ve figured out WHY this happens. It happens when I stop observing. Sure, browsing through Pinterest might spark a curated post or I might develop a roll of film to share but to me that isn’t quality content. Over the past six months, I’ve really tried to stay committed to original content. I decided that I want my blog to be about community. I love hosting challenges, featuring cities, introducing my readers to my favorite people, and sparking conversation. Often times I would create posts like this or this…but how does that add to anyone’s life? Here are a few steps if you’re feeling uninspired as a beginner blogger or even for those that have been at it for awhile:

01. Buy this book. It’s called 31 Days To Finding Your Blogging Mojo. I bought it (only $4.99) and it helped me IMMENSELY. It really has you analyze your blog from your readers’ perspectives, alerts you to popular posts, forces you to look at what it is your blogging about, and even helps you realize what to say when people ask…”So what do you blog about?”

02. Use A Calendar. I will admit that there are times that I create my posts the night before but usually I have them planned weeks in advance. I use my Google Calendar to map out what I want to post and to make sure I’m getting a variety in there. When you’re collaborating with others it really helps to be organized. People appreciate it when you respect their time and knowledge.

03. Keep A Journal. Not a diary but a sketchbook/notebook/whatever you want to call it. I have a Moleskin that I keep with me at all times and have random notes jotted down on pages with blog series ideas, people I want to collaborate with, or things I need to update (like my sidebar, links, categories, etc).

04. Connect on Twitter. SO many of my ideas and feedback come from Twitter and followers who stumble across my blog. It also keeps me accountable when I know people read my blog because they see the link pop up in their feed. Seeing what my followers are talking about can even spark ideas. Be relevant.

05. What blogs do you love? Make a list of 5 blogs that I love or read daily. Why do you love them? Probably because you feel connected to them and their posts inspire you. Be that for someone else!

Obviously those are just starting points. I really love blogging and when I don’t feel inspired…I usually take a short break. If you’re feeling the same way you need to step away from the computer. Read a book that challenges you, spend time with strangers, listen to new music. I truly believe that if you step out of your comfort zone…you’ll create better content (whether you’re a blogger, a designers, an artist, an anything).

I’m so glad that two of my favorite bloggers agreed to share what inspires them:

Even though I’m not a typical fashion blogger, I am involved in one aspect of the fashion industry and my job is to keep track of up to date information from lingerie designers. So keeping up with fashion magazines and designer blogs is definitely one form of inspiration. I actually love following their social media accounts – tumblr and instagram have opened up the world of the designer’s every day life and really gives you the tools to become an incredible blogger. You actually get a glimpse of what inspires them, what their surroundings are like, and who they are interacting with – this all puts everything in to great perspective. Other than that, I’m constantly taking walks. If you stop thinking of how to be inspired, sometimes the inspiration can come naturally with your own surroundings. My neighborhood is built around several lakes, so sometimes going outside, sitting by the lake and clearing your head is all the inspiration you need. – Erinn of Bare Intimates

I run a lifestyle and design blog so naturally, wanting to log my life and share my experiences is a huge part of what keeps me inspired. I love sharing about a swoon-worthy designer I came across or about what I did all weekend. For me, being able to share all of this with you is what makes it fun! I hate feeling obligated to blog so the fact that I am blogging FOR MYSELF keeps me going. – Vanessa of Hello Vanny

What keeps you inspired? What do you do when you’re lacking inspiration? I’m all up for hearing advice and your own tips!

March 14, 2012