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Okay, maybe not into the night…but maybe on Bloglovin! In order to “claim” my blog, I have to create a post with this link: Follow my blog with Bloglovin. So if you’re on there, follow me and I’ll follow back (is that how that works?) I’m new to Bloglovin but I did write a post about why I thought Google Reader was better about a year ago. If you would rather follow my blog on Google Reader, click here.

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  • Yeah, I’m also on Bloglovin’, but I definitely think Google Reader is superior. I think Bloglovin’ is good for those people who still can’t figure out RSS.

    • I agree–obviously I still love the fact that you can still see the blog and its design. I suppose I should add a button on my sidebar since it’s so popular (I’ve been avoiding it for a year haha)

  • I’ve been using Google Reader for years, and I had no idea you could put a ‘next’ button in your browser like that (thanks!). I’ve been trying out Bloglovin’ this week because it shows posts on their native blog, but now I might switch back.

  • Already following! I love bloglovin- nice layout and simple to use!
    (PS I like you header font- nice choice!)

    • Yes the layout for Bloglovin is SO simple. Gorgeous. Thanks for following me :) I just added yours to my Google Reader. I’m still figuring out Bloglovin haha

  • Jessica R

    I’m one of those people that can’t figure out RSS and I LOVE the layout of Bloglovin!!!

  • I really love the picture you use in this post :) Can I use it on my blog? Thanks in advance :)

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