Desh Has A Twin!

So I “met” Erinn of Bare Intimates last year through Twitter and we instantly became e-pals. I feel like we have a lot in common but it still SHOCKED me when I finally saw a photo of her adorable dog, Toby, about 3 months ago. I remember thinking, “OMG! TOBY LOOKS JUST LIKE DESH!” I’m pretty sure I commented on her Instagram photo. Oh wait…I’m a stalker and actually found the photo with the comments:

I am ridiculous. Anyways, since then Erinn and I always refer to Desh & Toby as twins or BFFs. Naturally. I secretly dream of the day when we can actually meet and the pups can finally see each other after being separated at birth (again, I am ridiculous). While Desh is a cockapoo (bred from two cockapoos), Toby is a top secret combination. He’s considered a daisy dog and the breeder doesn’t share exactly what that means! Kind of fun, huh? Desh and Toby weigh about the same. Toby is 17.5 pounds and Desh is 19 pounds. They both are small for their breed. I loved finding out what else they have in common. It seems that they both can sleep in until after noon (I love that Desh doesn’t wake me up early), their favorite toys are both squirrels, and they both have middle names! Toby’s full name is Toby Baloney Brown (formal name is Tobias). Desh’s full name is Desh James Lehman (formal name Deshua). By the way, this is the most hilarious paragraph I’ve ever written. I’m cracking up.

The rest of this post will pretty much be photos so you can see how awesome this comparison really is. Enjoy!

And last but not least…the best comparison photos ever. The best part about the photos below is that they were taken over the past few years and not planned. The ones of Desh are from 2009 and 2010!

And that, my friends, is the best effing blog post I’ve ever written. Happy weekend!

March 30, 2012