April Photo Challenge Announcement

I can’t believe it’s time for another photo challenge already! Can you see a common theme? April’s challenge is ALL ABOUT PEOPLE. It was inspired by this quote:

You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. -C.S. Lewis

Lately I’ve been so tired of shooting things. One can only take so many Instagram photos of their food until they realize it’s…well…sort of lame. Don’t get me wrong, I love taking photos of my brunch and my ice cream but I also like to be intentional. I’ve been shooting a lot of film portraits lately and I love it. My heart is so happy when I capture souls. (Okay that sounded creepy.) I just feel like the photographs that capture peoples’ personalities, smiles, quirks and insecurities really shine through. Now I’m challenging you to do the same.

The challenge starts Sunday, April 1st but you won’t be sending me your first photo until Sunday, April 8th! Here is the schedule and the themes:

Like my last challenges, you are able to shoot for Week 1 starting April 1st until April 8th. You cannot shoot for Week 2 until April 8th and so on. I plan on shooting film for this challenge so I will probably try to shoot throughout the week and then develop my roll over the weekend. We’ll see how that goes but as of now…that’s my plan. This challenge is open to ALL AND ANY CAMERAS. I obviously would love to see all you talented people using a DSLR or SLR but I really do love seeing how creative people get with point & shoots/iPhones. As usual, I’ll post my submission button on my sidebar next Sunday. It will take you to a page with all of the challenge details and a submission form. Below are the guidelines:

  • Make sure your photos are at least 700 px wide and be a .JPG
  • Please save the photos under the following format: FIRSTNAME_WEEK#.jpg
  • In the comment section of the submission form include (if applicable) your website, the type of camera/lens/film, & your city.
  • No nudity or weird crap. Sorry, my mom reads my blog…I think.
  • All camera types are accepted.
  • You must shoot within the week prior to the due date. That means starting Sunday, April 1 you can start shooting for Week #1.
  • The photo must be submitted Sunday by 8pm EST.
  • Feel free to use the hashtag #snapaphoto for this and all future photo challenges!
  • You MUST submit all 4 weeks in order to win the prize.

Last but not least, here is the prize and your beloved judge:

The lovely Kara Haupt (check out her blog I Just Might Explode) will be your judge this challenge! I adore Kara’s photography/portraits and was excited to see that she’s hosting an e-course about photography in April. (Psst, spots for the class go on sale today!) Your prize is a gorgeous postcard set by Debbie Carlos (another one of my favorite photographers).

If you have any questions or need any explanation, please comment below! I’ll respond and clarify in a comment and then probably add any needed information to the post.

March 26, 2012