So I “met” Erinn of Bare Intimates last year through Twitter and we instantly became e-pals. I feel like we have a lot in common but it still SHOCKED me when I finally saw a photo of her adorable dog, Toby, about 3 months ago. I remember thinking, “OMG! TOBY LOOKS JUST LIKE DESH!” I&#821

Okay, maybe not into the night…but maybe on Bloglovin! In order to “claim” my blog, I have to create a post with this link: Follow my blog with Bloglovin. So if you’re on there, follow me and I’ll follow back (is that how that works?) I’m new to Bloglovin but I did write a p

Today’s CITY GUIDE is brought to you by Amy Sahl of Milwaukee! Enjoy! Two years ago, I moved from Minnesota to be closer to a boy, and while that didn’t work, I quickly found a new love: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Milwaukee has a deeply rooted history, but it’s much more than a blue-collar city that drinks

I often get emails from beginner bloggers and their desire to have an awesome blog always seems to be hindered by the upfront cost. I wanted to dedicate a post (and hopefully more in the future) to free or cheaper blogging resources because they ARE out there! Whether you’re looking for themes, software,

April starts this weekend! How did that happen so fast? If you’re interested in sponsoring Show + Tell in April, please let me know and we can talk details. I’m now offering a larger spot (200px by 110px) for $25 and includes a feature and/or giveaway. I’m also offering the smaller spot for sw

Last weekend I was able to get over to German Village and shoot a film portrait session with Matt Martindale. I used my Minolta SRT-201 again (and Kodak Ektar 100). I did some slight color correction in Photoshop but other than that…no actions, filters, or blurring. Cloudy, overcast days treat me well. A

I’ve been reading Kara’s blog for awhile now and she’s one of my favorite people on the Internet! While she blogs over at I Just Might Explode, she’s also going to school, hosting my photo challenge next month AND teaching a photography e-course (sign up here). When I asked her what her

I can’t believe it’s time for another photo challenge already! Can you see a common theme? April’s challenge is ALL ABOUT PEOPLE. It was inspired by this quote: You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. -C.S. Lewis Lately I’ve been so tired of shooting things. One can

This weekend marks the 6th week of my gluten free diet. (For those of you who might not know, gluten is a protein composite found in foods processed from wheat and related grain species.) I mentioned it flippantly in a post about a month ago but didn’t really elaborate much. I suppose I felt like if I [

I’m a huge fan of Aveda and their brand! I was so, so excited when Aveda Columbus offered to sponsor my blog! I have worked with and have supported Aveda for years now and always jump at the chance to promote them! Those at Aveda love March because it is one of the months that […]

This week I took film portraits of Janine. How gorgeous is she? And how amazing is her dog, Jax? We had so much fun walking around the Arena District here in Columbus. The weather was perfect–80 degrees and slightly overcast. I shot a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 on my Minolta and a roll of […]

I was so excited when Jim (the brains behind Zomgimbored) offered to sponsor my blog for the month of March! Zomgimbored is a blog for aspiring graphic designers as well as working professionals. I love his tutorials and the intentionality behind each post. When I asked Jim what he loves about March he respond

My blog was hacked last week. Sometime between 6am-9am on a Wednesday morning, EVERYTHING WAS DELETED. It’s the worst feeling. At first I was confused. I (like a weirdo, vain person) checked my blog around 9AM to make sure everything looked okay. I got a 404 error. Refresh. 404 error. Refresh. I got sort

Jewel–the woman behind Eat.Drink.Shop.Love— is one of my lovely sponsors this month! Eat.Drink.Shop.Love is a place where Jewel can share everything she loves about food, drinks, shopping, travel, and life. When I asked her what she loves about March she responded, “Right now I am loving the

I’m a huge fan of the Aveda brand. I’m hooked on their hair products, I love their values, the stylists are epically talented, and I’ve even worked with one of their salons professionally. A wonderful experience all around. I’m excited to be sharing one of the events that Nurtur (an Aved

I’ve been a fan and customer of Emily Elizabeth Jewelry for years now! I was so excited when Emily offered to sponsor my blog for the month of March! Her jewelry, which is always gorgeous, can be found featured in magazines and constantly spotted on celebrities. When asked what she loves about March, Emil

There’s something truly magical about film photography. Sometimes you load a roll of film and slowly take photographs. For me, this time, it was over a period of 5 months. I took portraits of Matt and must have brought the camera with me to Illinois where I captured that gorgeous shot of my sister (bottom

I’m back on the Birchbox bandwagon! I’ve missed it and I’m glad that they started accepting new subscribers again (they had been maxed out for awhile). If you don’t remember, I reviewed Birchbox in November and December. This month’s box was great and had lots of variety. I receive

I was so excited when Ann approached me about possibly curating a City Guide for Los Angeles. I’ve connected with so many clients, bloggers, and designers from Los Angeles and this post makes me want to visit ASAP! Be sure to read through her guide and be sure to add any of your favorite L.A. […]

Today’s Here We Go post was inspired by the tweet: “What to do when you’re feeling uninspired! How do you get your mojo back?” A great, great question. There have been many times where I find my mind completely blank. After three years of blogging, I’ve figured out WHY this happen

I’m so excited to introduce you all to Ryan Stryker! I met Ryan last year at a networking event and ever since I’ve been such a fan of his work. Ryan currently lives in Columbus, Ohio and works as a Senior User Experience Designer for one of the savviest IT Solution Providers in the industry. When

I received my monthly Good & Lovely box this month and I’m excited to share what’s inside. I really loved this box and the variety was amazing. Inside I found: An aromatherapy shower tablet Lavender body and hand lotion Gourmet chocolate covered pretzels Three bags of chamomile citrus tea Topica

It’s that weird time when the weather could be cold one day…warm the next. We had such a mild winter that obviously it hasn’t been that cold out but the temps seem to be ranging between 40-60 degrees. I thought I’d share some of my favorite “in-between” season items right no

Today’s CITY GUIDE is brought to you by Emma Boyd of Glasgow, Scotland! Enjoy! Thanks to it’s prettier sister Edinburgh, Glasgow doesn’t often get the first look on a trip to Scotland, but make time to spend a few days in the city and I promise you a world of delight! While we don’t have

The topic today is: LINKING. As a blogger, I’m constantly linking. Sometimes I’m referencing a business, providing the source of an image, or just sharing additional information. Sadly, I still come across blogs that are linking incorrectly. (Yes-there’s a method. Well, MY method.) It’s

About a month ago, I tweeted to Leigh Ann (a freelance makeup artist), “Hey you. I need help finding the perfect lip shade(s) and a brand. Can you assist? Do you do this kind of thing? ;)” She promptly responded and we set a date to meet at Nordstrom during my lunch hour. An hour […]

Did you know that this month Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio is celebrating their 30th anniversary of serving children and families in need? In celebration, McDonald’s restaurants in Central Ohio are introducing a one-of-a-kind, limited-edition, vintage-inspired t-shirt that pays homage to the

Thank you to all who participated in the #phonephoto challenge in February! It was a really fun month and one of my favorite challenges so far. I loved seeing how the colors seemed to pop up in all of your lives. I’m happy to announce that SUE won with her set from Week 1 (WHITE)! […]