#phonephoto Week 4: Yellow

I can’t believe the #phonephoto challenge is over already! Can you? It seriously feels like I was just compiling all my ideas for this photo challenge. This week’s theme (YELLOW) was a bit more difficult for me. I ended up going with different light sources in my apartment. I’m constantly saying, “The light in here is so yellow!” I absolutely am smitten with Kate and Ballookey’s sets this week. Which ones do you love? Which week seemed the easiest/hardest?

I’m going to be sending Heather (your lovely judge) all the sets in a gallery tonight and she’ll be picking the winner. I will announce who won on Friday morning! Thank you to everyone who participated and commented this month. I’ll be including a fun little infographic on Friday as well. You can also catch up on Week 1 (white), Week 2 (red), and Week 3 (grey)!

If you’re interested, I’ll be participating in the March Photo a Day Challenge on Instagram (my username is ‘alliepal’). Even if you aren’t on Instagram, you can follow my feed here.

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Comments (12)

  • I love Riette’s shots this week! So lovely. I think yellow is a hard color to capture (and a rather unpopular one, weirdly). It makes me excited for spring.

    Ooh, I was wondering if there was a March Photo a Day challenge! I kind of missed the start of the February one.

  • Nice sets, again! It was a great challenge. :)

    I love Allie’s set. So simple pictures and they all share the same warmness .

    Congratz to all the submitters. It’s been a lot of fun to look at your pictures!


  • LOVE Riette’s, Ballookey’s, and Leyla’s. Gorgeous work, people!

  • I agree, this week was the hardest! Riette’s is my favoirte, but I also really like Allie’s, , Kate’s, and Balookey’s.

    Thanks again Allie for providing the opportunity to SEE COLOR! :)

  • i can agree, yellow was not my favorite even though i saw it everywhere. however, nothing really stuck with me. i ended up picking my favorites at the last minute.
    loved participating in this challenge!

    love allie’s and sue’s set.

  • Love Riette’s Arcade cabinet pic. Great job everyone!

  • Thank you, and to Allison for hosting this great challenge. I don’t know why yellow proved to be the most challenging – I took the most photos for it – but the hard part was trying to select four that related to each other in the way that I wanted.

    • You are so welcome! I think yellow can be tricky because yellow can often be because of bad lighting (aka my set) or something so fresh. Also I don’t think different shades of yellow necessarily look good together. They need to compliment each other.

  • Oh and I meant to say I like Leyla’s & Amber’s (suitably enough! ;) Riette’s is gorgeous as usual, though the first photo in her set made me have a face palm moment for not thinking to use the massive stack of National Geographics in our hall closet in some way. ;)

  • Thanks everyone for the kind comments. This was really a great challenge. Loved Sue’s and Balookey’s sets. Big shout-out to Allie for putting this together. I think we all got some creatve energy from this.

  • i think she already knows that i borderline stalk her…but gah, I LOVE KATE’S. love love love it.

    i’m sorry to have missed this whole challenge! but it was fun to check in on.

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