#phonephoto Week 4: Yellow

I can’t believe the #phonephoto challenge is over already! Can you? It seriously feels like I was just compiling all my ideas for this photo challenge. This week’s theme (YELLOW) was a bit more difficult for me. I ended up going with different light sources in my apartment. I’m constantly saying, “The light in here is so yellow!” I absolutely am smitten with Kate and Ballookey’s sets this week. Which ones do you love? Which week seemed the easiest/hardest?

I’m going to be sending Heather (your lovely judge) all the sets in a gallery tonight and she’ll be picking the winner. I will announce who won on Friday morning! Thank you to everyone who participated and commented this month. I’ll be including a fun little infographic on Friday as well. You can also catch up on Week 1 (white), Week 2 (red), and Week 3 (grey)!

If you’re interested, I’ll be participating in the March Photo a Day Challenge on Instagram (my username is ‘alliepal’). Even if you aren’t on Instagram, you can follow my feed here.

February 28, 2012