#phonephoto Week 3 : Grey

I can’t believe we’re already starting week 4! This week’s submissions (week 3: Grey) turned out great! I realized by a few of the comments on last week’s post that some of you might not have realized that the top set is always mine. (I go by Allison or Allie depending on my mood). I actually enjoyed shooting this week more than white or red. I loved trying to attain the feeling of grey by aiming for a natural black & white tone. My photos are still in color but I feel like as a set, they appear more black & white. I love Sue’s set. I feel like her grey tones have a bit of brown and as a set it really works. Plus I’m a sucker for typography in photography.

What is your favorite set? Which week has been your favorite so far? I think yellow will be the most difficult. It seems like the least common, everyday color. If you’re just discovering the challenge, check out the white and red sets. Also, click here to read details and submit for week 4!

February 21, 2012