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I’m always saying, “Ugh. What should I take for lunch tomorrow?” I try not to eat out (and honestly there’s not a lot to choose from where I work during the day) and so I like to bring a fun lunch with me. All I have to work with is a microwave at work and so all these delicious “hot” meals always make me jealous. After awhile, a girl gets tired of the frozen burrito and PB&J sandwiches. I’ve compiled a few fun ideas for lunches and would LOVE any suggestions from you all.

Other great ideas include soups, sweet potato with chili (thanks Jess), and the ever faithful leftovers. Let’s hear your favorite lunches!

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  • Salads with bulghur in it (just add some mixed veggies, some chickpeas, dill/mint/cilantro) are excellent cold and after sitting over night the flavours meld together to be really tasty.

  • That how to avoid a soggy salad idea is genius!

  • That Greek chicken salad looks amazing. Definitely going to try that! And I’m glad you liked the sweet potato chili idea. :)

  • having a homesteader for a mama, i’m a big fan of cooking large batches of various foods one sunday per month and then freezing individual portions and tossing them into the deep freezer.

    then i can just dig around for something delicious and pop it in pot of boiling water or the microwave if needed.

    right now i have tortilla soup, stuffed green peppers, chili, spaghetti, beef stew, white chicken chili, and greek chicken in there! and all homemade.

    i also bake cupcakes and freeze them without icing (not a huge fan of icing) since i’d never eat a whole batch before they went bad anyway!

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