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In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d giveaway some love inspired prints. Comment below and tell me who has made you feel the MOST loved (and why). Also let me know which print you’d prefer! You have until Thursday night to enter. I’ll be announcing the winners on Friday morning.

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Comments (13)

  • My husband has made me most loved as he has been such an encouragement to me as I have had to deal with a chronic disease for the last 29 years. He’s such a hard worker in his teaching job to provide our necessities. The Lord has been so good to us and been a real blessing to gift me my husband for the last 36 years that loves me unconditionally. I would also have to say that my mom is a person who has taught me to love others unconditionally as well. She has gone through much in her almost 60 years of marriage and has kept her vows and been such a great example of loving unconditionally.

    • Oops…the You are So Loved print is my choice if I were to win. Ohh and I love your blog by the way! ;)

  • My husband makes me feel loved because he knows my darkest side, my weakest moments and my deepest fears. He understands when I want to hide from the world and when I want to paint the town red. He keeps me on the straight and narrow and he is my voice of reason.

  • My awesome boyfriend (you may know him…) does a fabulous job of making me feel very loved. He knows he’s my first official boyfriend and has made every milestone in our relationship special because he knows even something as silly as Valentines Day is a big deal to me since it’s my first one with a real Valentine :) I love the “You are so Loved” print!!

  • My roomies — they’ve been there for me through a whole heck of a lot.

    I love the “You are so loved” print!

  • Both of your prints are so lovely. I’d give the your are so loved one to my boyfriend who has always been there for me.

  • My husband, who loves me despite all my faults

    I love the “you are so loved” print!

  • My family makes me feel loved! I love the You Are So Loved print.

  • This might sound silly as everyone is naming their significant other or family as someone who makes them feel most loved. Generally, that’s true for me as well! But last week, one of my co-workers (and best friends) made me feel so very loved. She knew I wasn’t having a good day, so she spontaneously brought me my favorite drink from Starbucks. Silly, but incredibly considerate!

    I like the “Love is a choice” print :)

  • My husband- he knows how to take care of me so well and make me smile always. :)

  • I am not sure who makes me feel the most loved. I am so blessed with so many special people. I will say my Little Fellow and I are playing a game of late – I tell him I love him, he tells me “I love you more” and I reply, “I love you more than more.”

    I really like the love is a choice print.

  • My fiance Laura has made me feel soooo loved. When she makes me dinner, when I’m on the run. she bakes love into any of her meals she makes me. She gets me and I enjoy making her laugh. When ever I am away from her I miss her.

    I would like the love is a choice print, because Love is a choice!!

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