Heart Punch

I received the prettiest package in the mail last week. The experience of opening this beautiful scarf was as much of a delight as the actual product itself! Sonya, who I “met” through blogging last year, graciously made this scarf for me with the yarn that I supplied and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. Since then, Sonya has opened her own shop where she now sells her scarves!

It’s amazing how all those little details add up to make the perfect little package. I can often overlook details and I hope that throughout my life I get better at that.


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  • For some reason, when an item comes packaged nicely, it feels like a present all on its own. You could package up something I already own in some nice wrap and twine and it would feel brand new!

    That scarf looks so nice. Is it an infinity scarf?

    • Exactly! I feel bad for all those times I send something in the mail with just a random notecard. I gotta step up my game!

      And yes it is an infinity scarf! So soft.

  • Your photos of the scarf and packaging totally do it justice too. Those are some great shots of a really excellent product. I am in love with the little wooden heart inside the box.

  • That is so pretty. I love a nicely wrapped present. Doesn’t matter much what is inside. Good philosophy for material things not so good for people, books and eggs.

  • Allie -such pretty pictures. What photo editing software do you use?

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