Good & Lovely

Last month, I saw a blog advertisement for Good & Lovely. I remember clicking over to their site and thinking it looked like a fun monthly subscription box. It wasn’t until I kept reading and exploring that I realized it’s even better than just a box of goodies. It’s a box of goodies delivered to my door the day I start my period (sorry to the guys that read my blog…but don’t worry…I won’t go into more detail than that). How amazing is that?

Basically, you pick the day you want it delivered and they send you a box filled with amazing products. This month’s box included Weleda body oil, a Chocolove bar, a soothing bath salt and a handmade Moroccan Mud Spa Bar sample from a boutique Seattle producer. You can also choose to include Midol, other feminine products, vitamins, and even supplements. It sure beats running to CVS for that stuff.

For around $13.99/month, it’s totally worth it and I will continue to subscribe. Also, one dollar of every months subscription goes to provide feminine care to women in need. I was so incredibly impressed with the packaging, handwritten letter, and the products that were included. Coming home at the end of a long day (while not feeling so great) and opening a box that reads, ‘Hello Beautiful,’ pretty much made my freaking day. Thanks Good & Lovely!

February 17, 2012