Friday Finds

IT’S FRIDAY! Happy almost-weekend, pals! I stopped doing Monday Link Love awhile ago but I’ve found such great things on the internet lately so I needed to share.

  1. I absolutely adore Danielle Kroll‘s illustration, type and design work. Like…I want to be her friend now.
  2. I FOUND THE PERFECT BAR CART! (And shop) Now I just need $500-ish.
  3. Uhhh I could eat all sorts of dips ALL DAY. So naturally I love G’nosh.
  4. I love Kate’s Down to Business playlist. You know you need it (especially today).
  5. And last but not least, The Glow. Now I just need to be adorable and have gorgeous children.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. My aunt and uncle are visiting from the Chicago area and we’re going to see Young the Giant in concert! I’ll also be attending a festive Oscar Party on Sunday. What are you up to?

February 24, 2012