I get a lot of questions from friends, readers, and people on Twitter about blogging. I try to answer them all through email or give them a quick explanation but I feel like I never get to really address some of the issues or questions. This new series titled, HERE WE GO, will be a […]

I can’t believe the #phonephoto challenge is over already! Can you? It seriously feels like I was just compiling all my ideas for this photo challenge. This week’s theme (YELLOW) was a bit more difficult for me. I ended up going with different light sources in my apartment. I’m constantly sayi

I’m excited to announce that I’m now accepting sponsors for Show + Tell! With all the increased traffic + more involved posts, I realized that it was time to make this next step. If you’re interested in supporting Show + Tell, you can contact me through my contact form or email me at hi@alliso

IT’S FRIDAY! Happy almost-weekend, pals! I stopped doing Monday Link Love awhile ago but I’ve found such great things on the internet lately so I needed to share. I absolutely adore Danielle Kroll‘s illustration, type and design work. Like…I want to be her friend now. I FOUND THE PERFECT

I’ve been tagged by Liz to do a Q&A! It kind of feels like middle school when I would pass notes between friends with random questions. Did anyone else do this? Either way, I’m pretty excited to be participating. THE RULES: Post these rules Post 11 random things about yourself Answer the questi

I found the two photos above (found on Scouts Honor Co./Xnet) and realized how much I adore peach hues. I like to wear peach in the summer when I’m rocking a tan but it’s a fun color to add to your wardrobe as hints of spring start popping up. Depending on what my tax return looks […]

I can’t believe we’re already starting week 4! This week’s submissions (week 3: Grey) turned out great! I realized by a few of the comments on last week’s post that some of you might not have realized that the top set is always mine. (I go by Allison or Allie depending on my mood). I [&h

I received the prettiest package in the mail last week. The experience of opening this beautiful scarf was as much of a delight as the actual product itself! Sonya, who I “met” through blogging last year, graciously made this scarf for me with the yarn that I supplied and I couldn’t be more th

Last month, I saw a blog advertisement for Good & Lovely. I remember clicking over to their site and thinking it looked like a fun monthly subscription box. It wasn’t until I kept reading and exploring that I realized it’s even better than just a box of goodies. It’s a box of goodies deliv

Congrats to Marsha and Susan for winning my Lovely Giveaway! When asked, “Who makes you feel the MOST loved?” they responded: I am not sure who makes me feel the most loved. I am so blessed with so many special people. I will say my Little Fellow and I are playing a game of late […]

This is my second “Hello, Adulthood” post where I talk about being an adult and doing adult things. Today I want to talk about money. Specifically debt (which is actually the opposite of money). Right? When Adam and I got married in 2009, we decided two things: We would stop using credit cards after

I’m not going to lie — I literally cannot think of a single thing to blog about this week. Literally. Mind=blank. With this blankness, I give you my recent iPhone photos. I’ve been completely preoccupied with a freelance wedding project. I’ve designed, proofed, printed, stamped, addresse

Week 2 of the #phonephoto challenge and as you can see, the theme was RED! How perfect was this timing? Happy Valentine’s Day! I really loved compiling this post. Red is such a stark contrast to last week’s WHITE post. My favorites were Sue’s and Kate’s. What about yours? I’m excit

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d giveaway some love inspired prints. Comment below and tell me who has made you feel the MOST loved (and why). Also let me know which print you’d prefer! You have until Thursday night to enter. I’ll be announcing the winners on Friday morning.

I’m always saying, “Ugh. What should I take for lunch tomorrow?” I try not to eat out (and honestly there’s not a lot to choose from where I work during the day) and so I like to bring a fun lunch with me. All I have to work with is a microwave at work and […]

Today’s City Guide is brought to you by Kelley Heneveld of Indianapolis! I’d like to show you the lovely city of Indianapolis, “Crossroads of America.” Since biking is my main form of transportation and the best way to get around, we’ll see Indy by bike. 1. Let’s start wi

A few months ago I discovered Turntable Kitchen’s Pairing Boxes via Halle’s blog! I absolutely loved the idea and knew I’d want to subscribe soon and give it a try. The whole experience leading up to receiving my box was wonderful. I subscribed through their website and blogged about it the fo

I’M SO EXCITED! The photos for week 1 of #phonephoto turned out fantastic! The theme for this week was WHITE and I love the different shades, hues and interpretations. Each set contains wonderful photos and I’m so astounded at how lovely they all look together. Each set also links to the photographe

Congrats to Jessica Rogers who won my Julep nail polish giveaway! Her comment (below) won via random.org: You’re sweet to do this giveaway – Hayden is the perfect shade for spring and definitely something I wouldn’t purchase on my own! Jessica, I’ll be emailing you for your address and t

Today’s post was written and inspired by Ben Blake (of Mount Vernon, Ohio). He loves coffee, blogs over at Draw Coffee, is an amazing illustrator, and I’m excited for him to share his knowledge of coffee here on my blog. I mean…I love coffee and honestly a lot of the methods he explains below

Today’s City Guide is brought to you by Shelley Turk of Cleveland! I’m sure I could do one million variations of a Cleveland City Guide. There is so much to do and explore in this city and I attribute that to the creatives and die hard Cleveland fans. I’m not talking sports fans, I’m talking [&helli

I read two books last month. I didn’t start The Help until Monday of this week so it’s rolling over into February. My February Reading List includes White Teeth by Zadie Smith, The Help by Kathryn Stockett, and Little Bee by Chris Cleave. I’ll be trying to work through the books that I physica