MEET: Emmy Beach

MEET Emmy [aka the Goody Two Shoes] from Columbus, Ohio. She’s a DJ who loves music, making playlists, and found a way to combine her love of unique music with her skills in broadcasting. Enjoy the interview and playlist!

Why and when did you start DJing? I started DJing in 2006. I studied broadcasting at Otterbein University, where I had my own radio show for four years called “Emmy Becomes Eclectic.” Last year, I decided to turn my love of music into a DJ business. I’ve always enjoyed making playlists of my favorite songs and sharing them with as many people as possible. I like getting people excited about new bands that they may not have heard otherwise and, most of all, I like to get them dancing.

What types of events do you DJ? Weddings, house parties, dinners… really any event that would be made better by great music.

What kind of equipment do you use? How has it changed over time? I use a LaCie Rugged hard drive, which works great if you travel a lot with your music gear, especially if it has the potential of getting dropped or even stepped on. The LaCie Rugged brand is meant to protect your music even if it’s been through the gauntlet. I used to use a big, bulky Buffalo brand hard drive, which was really fragile and unreliable. I’m glad I made the switch.

The laptop I use is an Apple MacBook Pro. I have Ultrasone headphones, which give you the feeling that you’re hearing your music performed live. I also have a mixing board, a Yamaha MG. It’s lightweight and also travels well. I use 2 Mackie speakers, which are smaller, but pack a big sound.

If I were to hire you to DJ a party, what kind of planning process would that entail? If you were to hire me, I’d first find out your favorite music. I would then create a playlist based on that and the type of event; if it was a house party, I would select more upbeat tracks to keep the party lively. If you hired me to DJ a wine tasting, I’d select songs more downbeat and “cool.”

Currently what are your top 5 favorite songs at the moment?

  1. St. Vincent- “The Party”
  2. Best Coast- “When I’m With You”
  3. Lana Del Rey- “Videogames”
  4. The Kinks- “Strangers”
  5. Al Green- “Let’s Stay Together”

To hear some of Emmy’s playlists, you can here on Spotify or on her website!

Photos by The Rogue Magnolia

January 10, 2012