January Reading List

My 2012 reading goals are simple. Read three books every month. I know, you’re thinking, “Jeez, Allie. Don’t get TOO crazy.” A lot of my friends have set bigger reading goals (like read 100 books in a year). My goal adds up to about 36 books in 2012. For me, that’s a challenge. I work 30-40 hours outside of my normal work week freelancing and so by the time I crawl into bed at 1am, my eyes want nothing to do with any straining or reading.

I also feel that blogging about certain goals holds me accountable. Sometimes my family, friends or readers will ask me about a certain post or perhaps ask my opinion about a book or product. At the beginning of every month, I’ll post my monthly reads and maybe even get some future recommendations from you all!

What’s on your 2012 reading list? Any fun or crazy goals?

January 4, 2012