January Reading List Update

At the beginning of January, I posted my 2012 reading goals. Read three books every month. Well, I’ve already failed. I got through The Ice Queen and Bossypants but I’m still in the process of finishing The Help. Even though I technically didn’t finish all three before February 1st, I’m still impressed that I got to each one.

The Ice Queen was a very interesting read. It took me about three days to finish and after it was done, I didn’t think about it much. The story is unique in its storyline but it definitely has its depressing moments. I’m oddly a fan of depressing fiction so it was right up my alley. Bossypants was freaking hilarious. I literally laughed out loud throughout the entire thing. I adore Tina Fey and will probably read it again later in life.

I’ll be posting my February reading list tomorrow afternoon so be sure to check back! Also, feel free to leave any recommendations in the comments section.

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  • If you have never read The history of love by Nicolle Krause you must. It’s amazing.

  • I hope you’re enjoying The Help! I’m about 10% of my way through my reading goal for the year, but I haven’t touched a book in about a week. Just not feeling like reading the last few days, dunno why. I wish Amy Poehler would write a memoir next. Or just write it from Leslie Knope’s perspective. Both would work for me. :)

    I recently read Annabelle Gurwitch and Jeff Kahn’s co-written memoir (they’re married). If you like comedians writing memoirs, I would check it out. The title is stupid (something about tomatoes and shutting up?) but the overall book was pretty funny. It would make for a good beach book or flight read (for when you head on vacation later this year!).

    • Ohh thanks Jess!! I’ll look up that memoir. Maybe save it for vacation :)

      I’ve had the opposite problem…I’ve been wanting to read but with my trip to Nashville, I just couldn’t or didn’t have time. I’m hoping February is different!

  • Yes! I’m so excited because Bossypants is next on my list! I’m currently reading The Secret and recently finished “If You Have To Cry Go Outside” by Kelly Cutrone. If you have ever thought about the fashion industry or are just looking for some insight and laughs, Kelly’s book is awesome. Totally suggest it!

  • bossypants is on my list as well, but i ‘m not familiar with the ice queen. the depressing part sounds intriguing and i’m going to have put it on my list. currently i’m reading the girl who played with fire. after reading and then watching the girl with the dragon tattoo i just had to continue with the trilogy.

    also, i’m looking forward to the photo challenge. it is my first.

    warm greetings!

    • Lelya, I read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but didn’t continue on into the trilogy. My sister in law says I should so I just might now!

      If you like that trilogy, you’ll probably love The Ice Queen. Easy read too!

      Glad you’ll be participating in the photo challenge!! :)

  • I want to read Bossy Pants too. I have heard it is so funny. Here are 2 that I have read that are great.

    Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s
    byJohn Elder Robison

    A Girl Named Zippy: Growing Up Small in Mooreland, Indiana
    Haven Kimmel

    Here are some on my future reading list:

    I Am Potential: Eight Lessons on Living, Loving, and Reaching Your Dreams
    Patrick Henry Hughes

    The Stranger by Albert Camus

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