Film vs DSLR vs iPhone

I’ve recently stumbled across a few posts on blogs and photography sites that compare photos taken on an iPhone & a DSLR or a few posts that compare film and digital. I thought it would be fun to do my own comparison post! Here are the details:

  • I used my iPhone 4S, Canon EOS Rebel XS with the 50mm f/1.8 lens, and my Minolta SRT-201 with the 50mm lens.
  • I took each photo from the same spot. The only shots that may vary are my iPhone shots because I wasn’t really paying attention to how far away I was holding my arms while taking the photo.
  • I set my Canon DSLR to 100 ISO since I was shooting Kodak Ektar 100 on my Minolta.
  • As for the settings on the Canon and the Minolta, I shot on shutter priority.
  • I did not edit any of the photos.
  • Lastly, keep in mind that I am by no means a professional. At all. I just wanted to show how each camera is different and distinct.

I think comparing these photos really highlights a few things for me. First of all, I LOVE shooting film. All of the photos that I shot on my Minolta turned out exactly as I’d hoped. I never edit shots that I get developed but I often over-edit photos that I take on my DSLR and my iPhone. It’s so easy in Photoshop to add a depth of field, alter the colors, and mask what’s there. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing — but I don’t usually like the photos out of my DSLR or iPhone just as they are.

Thoughts? Do you have a favorite image or set?

January 6, 2012