Winter Wishlist

Happy December! Currently on my winter wishlist:

  1. Boots from J.Crew
  2. Throw from Nube Green
  3. Kate Spade’s Twirl
  4. Invincible Summer Print
  5. Cowl Tube Scarf from Nube Green

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Comments (2)

  • Love those boots! I still prefer the LL Bean boot, but Sperry take a very neat spin on them. I swear by how warm and dry these things are.

    Also, thanks for sharing that Invincible Summer print! That’s one of my favorite quotes, actually.

    • I appreciate LLBean but just can’t get into their stuff. I do appreciate how timeless it all is. My parents are getting those JCrew boots for me for Christmas. Hopefully I’ll still be able to utilize them in January and February. Knowing Ohio’s luck, we’ll see snow into March. Blerg.

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