#NOPHO Winner!

I’m happy to announce that Jon Schelander-Pugh is the winner of the November Photo Challenge! Congrats, Jon! I thought I would share a few words from our judge, Dabito, about his choice:

My oh my was it tough to choose. Well, my favorite is definitely from Jon Week 4. I love the quiet, fleeting moment of those dainty ducks swimming across the pond. The tones are perfect. It’s a beautiful photo and great use of negative space.

Personally, I loved all of Jon’s photos (which were all shot in film) and am very excited to be sending him a Diana+ camera as his well deserved prize. Overall, I thought this photo contest was extremely fun and do-able compared to a 30 Day Photo Challenge. Below are a few stats from the challenge that I hope you enjoy! Be on the look out for another photo challenge after the new year.

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Comments (6)

  • Love your stats :) Congratulations to Jon! Beautiful photos.

  • Wow, thank you so much! This is so exciting! I appreciate your kind and encouraging words, and I’m glad you liked my work. This was a great contest, and I enjoyed being a part of this creative experience with everyone that participated. There was a lot of talent exhibited over the past month, which makes this all the more meaningful.

  • congrats Jon!! I think Dabito made an excellent choice. Thank you Allie for hosting such a fun challenge! I thoroughly enjoyed stretching my photographic skills with each weeks subject and seeing how others interpreted the same idea differently.

  • Congratulations, Jon! Loved your photos this month.

    @ Hilary I loved your self portraits, too! I Had no idea it was you.

    Overall, an excellent month. Keep on snappin’ everyone! Thanks again Allie for this kickass photo contest!

  • god, infographics make me randy.

    and congrats, jon!!

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