MEET : Liz Franco

MEET Liz. I’ve been a longtime fan of Liz’s blog and I am so excited to feature her in the MEET series. She has lovely taste, shares such amazing finds, and truly inspires me to be a better blogger! Here’s a little more information about Liz pulled from her blog:

Liz Franco is a freelance web + graphic designer born & raised a California girl. She currently holds a full-time job related to politics but after finding herself consistently dabbling in all things design-related decided to upgrade her hobby into what she hopes to soon establish as her main squeeze, also known as Operation: Flee the cubicle.

Liz resides in a victorian era downtown home with her boyish beau Glenn & their ewokian pooch sir Walter. She enjoys playing dress up, vintage treasures, being a social butterfly and probably couldn’t live without her iPhone, Kindle or Asiago cheese.

1. I loved finding your blog because I could really resonate with holding a day job and juggling freelance, creative hobbies, and everything else that interests you. What does your day-to-day schedule look like? Do you designate certain days to work or play? It’s really, really, REALLY draining most days. You have to work super hard in order to get a big pay-off but I truly believe its possible. With the help of my Erin Condren Life Planner I’m able to stay organized and on top of things for both my personal and online life. On an average day I work from 8-5, come home, eat dinner, block out a few hours for design work/blogging/emails & then curl up on the couch or in bed with my laptop watching movies or have a date night with the boyfriend. Some days, however. I just know that creatively I’m drained and nothing productive will come about so on those days I just try to relax and focus on doing something nice for myself like painting my nails or downloading a new Kindle book.

2. Lately, what helps you feel balanced? Lately I’ve found that unplugging does wonders for my sanity. No tweeting/blogging/checking emails brings my stress level WAY down when I’m feeling overwhelmed. A glass {or 3} of wine & catching up on American Horror Story are my ideal relaxing nights in.

3. What are three things you must do every day, no matter what? Drink water // Wear mascara // Call my mama

4. Where and when did you get Walter, your cutie pie pup? We got Walter almost 3 years ago, from a breeder. He’s a Brussels Griffon and Glenn’s dream dog so we actually traded services–a re-designed website for a puppy :)

5. Share a movie, book and song that you are currently loving. Puncture {such an eye-opening film} // Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) {hilarious must-read} // My World {oh hello, girl crush}

6. Any tips for those about to jump into the blogging world? Be committed, hire a blog designer, make friends, develop your own voice & be nice to everyone.

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December 13, 2011