Life has been busy. Last night I literally said, “I NEED MORE HOURS IN THE DAY!” and I even woke up with my alarm. What the heck? The great thing is that I’ve been trying to be more balanced. I’ve been making time to work out (until I got sick for a whole week!), seeing friends, being romanced by Adam, enjoying the Christmas season and visiting family. So at the end of the day, I don’t really regret anything.

Things I’ve been loving lately:

  • Mindy Kaling’s new book. IT FINALLY CAME!
  • My new iPhone4s Case. Seriously, it’s awesome. And I love white cases.
  • Every restaurant in the Columbus Food League.
  • Teamlab for my project management system.
  • My newest giveaway. UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER SHIRTS!
  • All the AMAZING series and features that I’m scheduling for the blog. Interviews, city guides, wedding features, and MORE.
Check back tomorrow for the announcement of the November Photo Challenge winner (chosen by the amazing Dabito from Old Brand New!)

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Comments (2)

  • YES I totally feel you on this. I just blogged about how much I hate everything {myself included} lately. Ugh.

    • OMG. You’re post was like basically an excerpt from my brain. Isn’t it crazy how life can get? I go back and forth between this really positive person and a really cynical person.

      But you’re right: “me” time, balance and romance with our men is KEY!

      Thanks for the comment Liz :)

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